Charlevoix’s state legislators vote on venture capital, promise zone, poaching, 4th Amendment protection

House Bill 4195, Limit some government “venture capital investment” spending: Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate
To prohibit the state from pledging any more future tax revenue to guarantee investor returns under an “early stage venture capital investment” program authorized by a 2003 law. The bill would not affect several other government “venture capital” schemes however, including a “Venture Capital Development” program under the Granholm-era “21st Century Jobs Fund” rubric, a “Venture Match Fund,” a “Venture Development Fund,” an “Accelerator Fund,” past grants to a “Venture Capital Association” and more.
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y

Senate Bill 539, Expand “promise zone” tax increment financing authorities: Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate
To expand from 10 to 15 the number of “promise zone” tax increment financing authorities (TIFA) located in low income and “low educational attainment” areas. These entities “capture” a portion of any increases in the state portion of school property tax revenue in the area, and use the money to partially subsidize college tuition for local students.
37 Sen. Wayne Schmidt R – Traverse City Y

Senate Bill 244, Increase fine for illegally shooting game animals: Passed 76 to 29 in the House
To increase the amount of restitution a person must pay for illegally shooting certain game or protected animals. Among others the bill would impose a $5,000 fine for illegally killing an elk or moose, $3,500 for a bear, $1,500 for an eagle, etc.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

Senate Bill 225, Revise procedure for taking ownership of inherited pistol: Passed 99 to 6 in the House
To revise the law that requires an individual who obtains a pistol from a private person to first get a government permit. (This does not apply to purchases from a licensed firearms dealer.) The bill would clarify that a person who inherits a pistol would have 30 days to get this government license after taking physical possession of the pistol.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

House Bill 4321, Restrict warrantless residence searches: Passed 83 to 22 in the House
To establish that a law enforcement officer may not search a residence without a search warrant if a resident expressly objects, even if another resident consents after the objector is no longer physically present. This would not apply if one resident is the victim of a crime committed by another resident, or if there is imminent danger to people, a suspect may escape or evidence may be destroyed.
105 Rep. Triston Cole R – Mancelona Y

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