Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts

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Northwest Academy administrative officials and board of education members are excited to announce they are changing the school’s name to “Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts” to better reflect the school’s mission and vision.

Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts will be a Montessori school, offering a Montessori education from ages 3 to 15—while the high school is a Montessori-inspired program which offers the same courses as traditional public schools but with a Montessori-philosophy perspective.

“We are excited to move forward with our new name—Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts—to more clearly communicate the unique educational opportunities available to children in the Charlevoix area,” said Charlevoix Montessori Academy school director Phoebe Gohs. “For the first time, all children in Charlevoix have access to a free Montessori education from 3 years old through the eighth grade.”

The school’s early elementary program through third grade is now in its third year of Montessori implementation.

Beginning in fall of 2015, the 9- through 12- and 12- to 15-year-old Montessori classrooms for students through eighth grade will be added.

“Our elementary guides have completed the Montessori teacher training—in addition to being highly-qualified teachers—which enables us to offer an authentic Montessori experience for families,” said Gohs.

Students in grades nine through 12 currently work in a Montessori-inspired classroom, where students choose which courses to work on while guides provide direct instruction and are available to provide individualized support as needed throughout the day.

Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts will continue to offer a full Arts program with courses in art, music and drama while expanding arts integration opportunities throughout the day through the inclusion of art, music, creative movement and drama in student work.

Charlevoix Montessori will continue to offer a family atmosphere with small class sizes for all students in the community.

For more information, call (231) 547-9000.

The name change takes effect July 1.

Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts will remain at its current location, 115 West Hurlbut Ave. in Charlevoix.