Charlevoix County Prosecutor’s recent cases

Recently prosecuted court cases


On Friday Sept. 25, in Charlevoix County 33rd Circuit Court, defendants were sentenced as follows:
• Elijah James Kibbe, 34, of East Jordan, 18 months probation including six months in jail, four months to be held in abeyance, on a charge of possession of amphetamine with a sentencing enhancement due to a prior drug conviction.
Kibbe was charged on another file with conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine with his neighbor, Archie Graham, currently serving time in prison.
When officers went to the Kibbe home to arrest him on Jan. 27, they searched him and in his back pocket they discovered a ball point pen, converted to a straw containing amphetamine.

• Thomas Allen Brooks, 27, of Charlevoix, 18 to 36 months in prison, on a charge of delivery of an imitation controlled substance with an enhancement as a habitual offender, second.
Brooks sold a powdery substance to a confidential informant, indicating it was heroin, but tests proved it was not a controlled substance.
Brooks had also previously been charged with conspiring with Graham for the manufacture of methamphetamine.
Both Kibbe and Brooks allegedly purchased ephedrine which was traded to Graham for methamphetamine.

• Christopher Scott Richards, 52, of East Jordan, three months in jail, on a charge of delivery of marijuana.