Charlevoix County Planning Commission highlights

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Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

The Charlevoix County Planning Commission met for its regular meeting, July 2, to discuss a proposed rezone and the Boyne Valley Township Master Plan draft.

Kiersten Stark, Charlevoix County Planning Coordinator, listed her notes on the plan draft and discussed them with the board—which were mainly layout suggestions or small tweaks that would create a more precise plan.

“For this plan, the history of the area that was all information provided by the Township, so I thought it was really well done and really inclusive,” said Stark. “I really liked the goal and objectives section. I thought it was really well (done), simple goals.”

Stark’s comments on the plan included that the plan had a page titled recreational use but never promote or emphasize recreational use, she also mentioned layout changes so the entire text matches, in addition to other comments.

“Sometimes (during) the master plan process the planning commission will have a lot of great ideas but some of the things may not be realistic to use them, but theirs was very good,” said Stark.

The commission discussed the comments, and Charlevoix County Planning Commissioner Larry Levengood made a motion to pass the plan along with the added comments from Stark, which passed with a unanimous vote.

Township rezone

Boyne Valley Township recommended a proposed rezone for a property that is currently industrial and whose owner would like it to be changed to a commercial use.

Stark told the staff that there is a property across the road that is commercial and it won’t be hard to conform.

“One question I had was whether the township had considered rezoning that to a C2 as well,” Stark said. “Other than possibly needing to do screening between commercial uses going in, I had no concerns.”

Commissioners agreed with Stark’s comments, the motion passed with a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Staff Comments

Highlights of staff comments included:

The Charlevoix County Commissioners went to Beaver Island to look at sites for a county project.

The Charlevoix County Commission plans to vote on the road commission $2 million loan.

All commissioners agreed a recent mandatory seminar they attended was not useful.

Commissioner comments

Unrelated to the meeting, Bob Draves, County Planning Commissioner, brought up a point that the commission attends meetings and hears from those that are the same point of view.

“What if we had like the Charlevoix Board of Realtors, and have people in the real world come in here and say this is what we need for affordable housing?” he said. “We surround ourselves with like-minded people and maybe that’s not always the best. We are not getting the real world perspective.”