Brew pub eyeing Boyne’s 112 South Park Street building

Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

south park bldgThe Boyne City Planning Commission met for its regular meeting on Monday July 20 to review an applicant proposing a restaurant and brew pub at 112 South Park St.

Mike Castiglione presented the commission with plans he’s drawn out and showed a dumpster and ramp outside as well as floor plans to use the basement and first floor of the building at least.

“We have a number of issues here—first is the parking issue,” said Scott McPherson, Boyne City Planning Director. “The second one is to make a determination on whether or not you would attend the city commission and ask that they enter into some sort of lease agreement that they allow encroachment onto public property.”

He added, “And, then, if that recommendation is made, then the actual aesthetics of what the additions look like.”

The current building is used as an office space, and McPherson said the planning commission would need to accept the change of uses before it passes.

“It’s going to be a small brew tap pub,” said Castiglione “I’m looking to put a brew pub at 112 South Park St. It’s going to be a 30-tap brew pub, small restaurant and I’ll have a small system.”

The commission discussed the issue with the placement of a dumpster and handicap ramp. According to the plans, there will not be enough space and Castiglione will end up encroaching on public property. Castiglione told the commission he’s waiting on a survey of exactly where the property lines are.

“We are going to make tap brews similar to the Bridge Street Tap Room in Charlevoix, and in order to do this, I have to have a ramp and a dumpster,” said Castiglione.

The commission made a motion to recommend to the city commission to allow encroachment on the ramp with the condition that design and material be approved by the Main Street Design Committee and that it come back to McPherson for final review.

The motion passed with a 4-2 vote with planning commissioners James Kozlowski and Aaron Place the only “nays.”