Boyne planners meet June 15

planning commission pic

Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

On Monday June 15, the Boyne City Planning Commission met for its regular meeting to discuss the master plan draft, changing its sign ordinance and more.

Following are highlights of last week’s meeting.

Master Plan Draft

Mary Campbell of MC Planning and Design formed a draft master plan, included in the agenda packet.

The board made minor revisions to the plan, mostly grammatical corrections.

The plan was expected to be approved or denied at the Boyne City Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 23.

The planning commission motion passed unanimously to have the agreed revisions made and the plan was submitted to the city commission for its approval.

Sign Ordinance

The Boyne City Planning Commission looked at the sign ordinance, and it decided to look at the 50 percent allowable window coverage because some thought that was too much coverage.

“We may need to look at our current standards ordinance,” said Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson…. “But, I’m not quite sure what to do on this particular one.”

One commissioner said Charlevoix’s standard is at 20 percent and discussed the possibility of lowering the standard to 25 or 40 percent of window coverage in Boyne.

The planning and zoning administrator has taken inventory in the Central Business District for signs covering windows and brought it back for the Boyne City Commission for review.

Staff Report

The city entered into a lease agreement with 475 North Lake St. LLC for the use of their property as a public park.

City crews are cleaning the site. The stockade fence is hoped to come down by July 4.

The lease agreement allows the city to apply for grants to purchase the property.

The building that currently resides on the property will be evaluated to see if it can be used for another

objective and is being secured for safety reasons.