Boyne City policeman saves pooch from peril

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Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

Boyne City resident Pat Wulff’s best friend is back home and safe thanks to one Boyne City Police Officer.

Wulff and her 5-year-old Welsh Corgi were walking around Boyne City’s municipal marina on Friday Jan. 23, when the incident occurred.

“I fell and he got away from me,” said Wulff. “It was icy. So, when he jumped off the pier, I figured it was solid.”

According to a Jan. 28 press release from the Boyne City Police Department, the marina uses bubblers to keep ice from forming around the docks and causing damage. Buddy stepped onto the area around the fragile and broken ice and went into Lake Charlevoix but was unable to get out because of the ice that forms away from the moving water near the bubblers.

“He was scared to death and his little eyes just bugged,” said Wulff, who got into her car and drove up to the Boyne City Police Department which is located just a few dozen yards from the marina.

“Boyne City Police Officer Craig Remsberg was in the office when she (Wulff) came in and responded immediately to the Marina,” stated Boyne City Police Chief Jeff Gaither in the Jan. 28 release. “When Officer Remsberg arrived at the marina, the dog was in a panicked state and swimming hard—still trying to get onto the ice.”

Remsberg got a tool used for unlocking cars from a police car and used it to snag Buddy’s leash before pulling him to safety.

“My hat goes off to the policeman—he’s my hero,” Wulff said. “Craig was just as nice as could be.”
She added, “I hope he’s around when I fall in the lake.”

Other than getting a good scare, Buddy is back to his happy-go-lucky self.

“I called the vet to see what to do with him. He said put towels in the dryer and warm him up real good,” said Wulff. “He slept the whole next day.”

She added, “I’m still upset about it. When I look at him I just want to hug him.”

Wulff said that Buddy, who was adopted from the Charlevoix Area Humane Society, keeps her moving around the house and around Boyne City.

“I’ve had him for about a year-and-a-half—he’s so gentle and kind,” she said. “He’s my best friend and he goes every place I go.”