Boyne City Police Department incident reports November 9-15

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Monday, November 9
1000 Report of possible missing air conditioning unit on Roosevelt.
1010 Report of a bird with a mouse trap on its foot in the 300 block of N Lake St.
1045 Fraud complaint from the 500 block of Boyne Av
1204 Request for civil standby on W Division St
1720 Bad driver reported headed to town on Pleasant Valley Rd
2003 Report of a mattress in the middle of State Street.
2121 Property damage accident at State and East.


Tuesday, November 10
1305 Possible civil complaint reported in the 200 block of S Lake St.
2129 Vehicle unlock E. Main and Park.
2213 Report of intoxicated driver hitting fence in the 100 block of W Pine St

Wednesday, November 11
1428 Report missing keys
1500 Report of Hit and Run crash in the 300 block of E Division St on Sunday.
1550 Report of suspicious activity on Ottawa St.
1815 Car deer accident on State St at the city limits.
1826 Citation served on subject on BC-EJ Rd for violating restricted license and fail to yield at signed intersection.

Thursday, November 11
0041 Assisted Sheriff Dept on Pleasant Valley Rd.
0806 Car deer accident on State St near Rotary Park
0940 911 check in the 100 block of S Lake St.
1120 Report of property line dispute on Roosevelt.
1550 Report of suspicious subjects in the 500 block of N Lake St

Friday November 13
0222 Suspicious situation in the 400 block of Boyne Ave.
0252 Report of possible suicidal subject enroute from Harbor Springs
0600 Suspicious situation in the 1100 block of Boyne Av
0758 Report of sick raccoon on Fall Park Rd.
0808 Unlock in the 800 block of Thompson.
1030 Report of attempted IRS scam.
1105 Report of attempted IRS scam in the 200 block of Hannah St.
1236 Report of attempted IRS scam.
1112 Report of threatening letter received in the 300 block of Vogel St
1250 Assist Sheriff Dept with traffic control for funeral escort
1252 Report of subject threatening dog on Franklin St after verbal altercation with owner.
1503 Civil complaint on Second St
1510 Lead football team out of town
1557 Report of attempted IRS scam.
2135 Citation issued for speed on Pleasant Ave near Timber Ln.
2338 Assist MSP at 131 S and Cherry Hill Rd.

Saturday, November 14
0826 Arrested subject for OWI under 21.
1000 Dispatched distempered raccoon in the 300 block of N Park St
1400 Unlock on Water St.
1454 Gasoline drive off from the 1300 block of Boyne Av
2029 Citation issued for speed on Front St. near Division.

Sunday, November 15
0332 Assist Sheriff Dept with an OWI on 131 S near Robbins Siding Rd.
0948 Assist citizen from the 300 block of Silver St
1420 Traffic assist to Charlevoix Towing at Lake and River
1652 Lodged a stray dog at the shelter.