Boyne City Planning Commission discuses downtown drive-thru uses and more

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Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

The Boyne City Planning Commission met Dec. 15 to discuss, among many topics, Temprel Temperature Sensors’ proposal to add to their current building in the industrial park.

A change that would allow a conditional use of a drive-through in downtown Boyne City was also discussed among commissioners along with a review of public comments input on the city’s ongoing Master Plan update process.

Temprel expansion

Temprel is a manufacturing company located in Boyne City’s industrial park; Steve Habitz, plant manager of Temprel represented the company, presenting the commission with a proposal.

The proposal was to revamp the building by adding a roof, two additions to the building and patching the exterior of the building.

“Basically we are trying to launch into the 21st century, right now the plan is to be more efficient, we are moving forward on a lot of stuff,” Habitz said…. “Temprel is bringing new equipment to the operation and that’s what we hope to do with the addition July 2014.”

Habitz told the commission current plans are to add a 60 foot by 64 foot addition to the back of the building and an office addition of 42 feet by 20 feet to the front of the building.

The allowable additions in the industrial park in Boyne City 50 foot by 15 foot front yard setback; which this plan would encroach upon.

“We can develop an ordinance amendment to reduce that setback and have a public hearing on that next month,” said Scott McPherson, Boyne City Planning Director. “If Steve wants to make an application he can go to the planning commission, depending what happens go to zoning board of appeals.”

Habitz told the commission the additions are necessary to allow for space between departments that are currently cramped and lack necessary space. With the additions, they will maintain landscape in the front and parking areas in the back.

The board discussed how they could change the zoning ordinance to fit Temprel’s proposal which extends past the allowable extensions on a building in the industrial park.

The board decided to look into decreasing the front yard setback and told Temprel to continue with plans and submit an application for review.

downtown Drive-Thru

Commissioners briefly discussed changing the ordinance to encompass drive-through uses in the Boyne City Central Business District

Commissioners asked how people could get through loopholes in the system; McPherson rebutted that comment with the fact that the final project would come before them and they would have final say.

“Could a portion of the multi-structure impose the drive-through? Yes, but we still have control over how that’s gonna look,” he said.

The proposed development is slated as a multi-story structure. However, the old bus garage must remain a single story in order to qualify for historic renovation tax credits. The proposed change to the zoning ordinance would add 10.30(M) that contains standards for a drive-through financial institution in the Central Business District. This would allow the planning commission to OK drive-through facilities for banks and credit unions as long as projects meet certain criteria.

The proposed amendment language:

“M. Banks, savings and loans and credit unions with drive-thru lane meeting the following criteria

1. Drive-Thru terminal, ingress, egress and queuing areas must be completely enclosed within the first story of a multi story structure.”

A motion was made to move forward with the amendment language as written.

The motion passed unanimously

master plan input review

A separate meeting was held for public input of the city’s Master Plan.

The public was invited to review each section MC Planning and Design drew into a draft.

Groups of four came up with ideas that should be added to the master plan.

The Dec. 15 commission meeting discussed ideas the public had and they discussed each suggestion.

Comments added to suggestions of the public by the board included:

• Establishing an objective for water and recreational opportunities and the biking community

• The support of public transportation in the community

• Receive feedback from youth and senior input and perspective

These suggestions were added with the public input and will be reviewed under the Future Land Use Plan in February.