Boyne City hall offices likely to move across street to Honeywell building after new year

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Boyne City Manager Michael Cain has been directed to engage in negotiations with the owners of the Honeywell building regarding temporary office space for the city.


The search for a temporary new location for Boyne City Hall is over.

The city is expected to lease nearly 6,600-square-feet for up to two-and-a-half years from the Honeywell building across the street from city hall at 364 North Lake St.


“We’ve been talking for quite some time about the need for a temporary location as the project for the new city facilities takes place,” Boyne City Manager Michael Cain told the Boyne City Commission at its regular Tuesday Dec. 8 meeting. “I’ve been having quite some discussions with our neighbor Honeywell.”

He added, “We believe it could be made fully usable in a manner that would allow us to continue to meet the needs of the community in an appropriate manner while the new city facilities are being built.”

Cain said both city staff and members of the city commission have toured the mostly empty building.

The building had previously been used by the Boyne District Library while its building was rebuilt and expanded in the late-1990s.
The lease would begin in January of 2016.

“That would give us some time to bring it back up to speed, do whatever cleanup we need to do and then gradually move into it so we don’t have to rush at the last minute,” said Cain.

The utilities cost $551.25 and the rent costs $2,756.25 monthly, with an annual increase of three percent.
According to Cain, the city would be responsible for any building preparation, cleaning, maintenance and plowing of the parking lot the city would use.

The first year’s costs of operating out of Honeywell would be $33,075. If a second year were needed, it would cost $34,067.25—that includes rent and utilities.

“The building will have sufficient open space for us to hold all of our primary meetings … and all of our elections as well,” said Cain.
“Being located right across the street from where we are now will make it easy for our customers to find our temporary location.”

The police department will move into the old DPW building.

The MSU Extension Office may move into Honeywell with the rest of the city offices.

The Boyne City Commission voted unanimously to direct Cain to engage in negotiations with Honeywell on the proposed agreement.