Boyne City Commission meeting minutes synopsis for July 14, 2015


minute synopsis
July 14, 2015 – Approval of the June 23, 2015 City Commission regular meeting; postponed the Division Street Drainage Alternative for further information at the July 28, 2015 meeting and see what the status is at that point, approved the first reading to introduce the proposed ordinances dealing with City Parks in general and the Veteran’s Park Pavilion respectively and scheduled a second reading at the August 25, 2015 City Commission Meeting with language changes, authorized the City Manager to negotiate with ACD for antennae locations and contract, keep the Community Playground in Veteran’s Park closed to the public until further notice and that the Parks and Recreation board be authorized to establish a temporary subcommittee to research available options going forward and provide recommendations for doing so, authorized the retention of the City’s 2010 Ford Crown Victoria as a general use staff vehicle, approved the contract with MDOT for the reconstruction of Court Street and the required resolutions and authorize the City Manager and Clerk / Treasurer to sign the required documents, approved the purchase of a 2015 US Cargo Widebody Landscape / Utility Trailer from Petoskey RV in the amount of $2,059, appointed Commissioner Sansom and Mayor Pro-Tem Towne as the subcommittee to review the City Manager’s compensation, authorized the City Manager to proceed with the property purchase of parcel 051-235-052-00, near Rotary Park, from Robert Redmond in the amount of $3,000 and authorize the City Manager to submit the documents
Cindy Grice, City Clerk/Treasurer