Boyne certified as the 5th ‘Redevelopment Ready Community’ in Michigan

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Another milestone for Boyne City

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) on Monday recognized  Boyne City as the fifth community in the entire State of Michigan to receive Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) certification.

RRC is a voluntary, no-cost program that assists local municipalities in establishing a sound foundation for development and investment to occur in their communities.


“Communities that receive RRC certification have removed unnecessary hurdles to development, while preserving their vision and goals for a successful future,” said MEDC Senior Vice President Mark Morante. “We congratulate Boyne City for being the fifth community in Michigan to achieve this certification and for working to make its community a vibrant place where business and talent want to be.”

RRC Program participants receive a comprehensive assessment measuring their community and economic development practices to the RRC best practice standards.

The program evaluates and then certifies communities that integrate transparency, predictability and efficiency into their daily development practices.

Certification signals that a community has removed development barriers and streamlined processes to be more competitive in today’s economy.

“The RRC program has been a great opportunity for Boyne City. It has enabled us to see ourselves through the eyes of the people and businesses we are trying to recruit to our community and better meet their needs. It has provided us a fresh and important perspective on what we do well and where we can perform better. The insights RRC have given us on possible redevelopment opportunities have been eye opening and priceless,” said City Manager Michael Cain.

“RCC has helped us position ourselves better, while remaining true to our community’s own goals and values. The RRC program isn’t always easy but it is a necessary and worthwhile self-examination and self-improvement program for every community that wants to be seriously considered in today’s marketplace. The RRC program has benefited Boyne City from the very first day and it has already delivered actual redevelopment dividends. I would strongly recommend it.”

The MEDC held a celebration ceremony Monday, December 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at the Boyne City Auditorium to recognize Boyne City for its accomplishments.

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