Boyne Arts Collective student art show

On Friday, Aug. 28, at 6 p.m. there will be an opening for a new show featuring the students of June Storm who participated in classes at the Boyne Arts Collective this year.

There will be a wide variety of original art.

Something for everyone! We have also planned to show the cute Orangutans, Giraffes, and pets the students painted.

Children (and adults) who visit the show can have a chance to name the animals.

The show will run through September.

Refreshments will be served on Friday night during the show’s opening.

Participating artists are: Chris Brown, Lea Shea, Barb Robinson, Gaeyle Gerrie Boss, Elaine Dettman, Jackie Wollenberg, Sue Bishop, Judy Feldkamp, Nanette Derkat, Su Bishop, Terrie Niehaus, Helen Truchan, Bedonna Perish, Jackie Penny, Darla DePompolo, Joyce Newville and June Storm.

The Boyne Arts Collective is located at 210 South Lake St. in Boyne City.