Benishek’s Planned Parenthood vote doesn’t represent constituents or reality


This past week, aside from deciding not to run for another term in the US House of Representatives, Dr. Dan Benishek helped write, and voted for, the “Defund Planned Parent Act of 2015.”

He cited recent reports of illegal tissue sales from fetuses.

This, of course, comes after several videos were released and spread like wildfire.

One (the one you might have heard Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina incorrectly describe during a recent debate) shows a woman talking about seeing an aborted fetus in a pathology lab.

This went alongside an image of a person holding a fetus, but turned out to be taken from the blog of a woman who miscarried at 19 weeks and posted the image.

Another video shows Planned Parenthood Executive Dr. Deborah Nucatola allegedly discussing the sale of fetal organs with undercovers posing as buyers.

Of course, what you might not have seen is the portion in which she states that they chose not to get involved.
The video was selectively edited.

So, that brings me to the first in a series of questions to G.O.P. lawmakers, specifically Dr. Dan Benishek.

#1 – Why are legislators basing even a small part of their decision on videos that were proven to be untrue?

Next, we have the fact that these lawmakers believe they are voting in the way their constituencies would support.

In other words, if they voted for this bill, they should be confident that this is what the people they represent would wish.

After all, Dr. Benishek isn’t in the house to represent himself, he is there to represent you, me, and over 705,000 other Americans.

And, yet, it’s becoming clear that their vote isn’t actually in line with public opinion.

A poll released by Reuters within the past month showed that 54 percent of respondents said they specifically supported federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and even more to the point, only 26 percent specifically opposed it.

In fact, a recent poll by the Wall Street Journal shows Planned Parenthood with 45 percent positive views.

This is held up next to the Republican Party itself with only a 28 percent approval rating.

This brings me to my second question.

#2 – Why did you vote to defund something the majority of Americans appear to be in favor of?

And my third and final question brings me to our little area.

You’ve all seen that house-looking building on the way into Petoskey, and we all know it’s Planned Parenthood.

Guess what?

They don’t do abortions.

If they get de-funded, we will have a hard time getting certain services.

For example, women needing an affordable pap smear or testing for other reproductive health problems might be out of luck.

The young and newly married woman down the street might struggle getting certain vaccines.

So my third and final question is pretty obvious at this point.

#3 – Why are you voting against something you know very little about?

Overall, the G.O.P. Lawmakers made a huge decision based on misinformation and by listening to the public hype. But, there is hope for a recovery from this one.

The bill hasn’t passed the U.S. Senate yet.

Sen. Gary Peters at (202) 224-6221 and Senator Debbie Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 still need to vote.

If you have an opinion, they are there to listen.

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