Beans of Boyne give their all as volunteers

Megan Wilson

Contributing Writer

Doug Bean and his wife Sharyn are this week’s spotlight volunteers.

The two moved to Boyne City eight years ago after retiring from the Midland area.

“I worked at the Midland Sheriff’s Office for 26 years and I loved it,” said Doug Bean. “It was a great job, then I worked for two to three years up here as a court bailiff for the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office.”

As the seasons change so does Doug’s volunteering support roles, Doug is the Director of the Boyne Mountain Ski Host program, a dockhand at the Boyne City Municipal Marina, and a course ranger and tee starter at the Boyne Mountain Golf Course to name but a few.

“Doug and his wife Sharyn are amazing volunteers. They both are wonderful people that are so involved in the Boyne community,” said Boyne Area Chamber Director Jim Baumann. “They are both multitalented and help out in a number of ways, from putting up Christmas lights and garland at the Gazebo and volunteering at community events to selling raffle tickets and manning the chamber office when needed.”

Sharyn Bean works at The Bird’s Nest in downtown Boyne City in addition to volunteering at events and taking part in the Boyne Mountain Ski Host program.

“We live right here in town and it’s such a wonderful little town that it’s easy to get involved in events,” said Doug. “I worked 28 years in law enforcement, and I decided to do things that I haven’t done for the past 28 years.”

The husband and wife team have been Winterfest volunteers for several years now, helping out with events such as the frozen fish toss and the chili cook-off.

“We became involved with Winterfest through the Chamber of Commerce, for three years I was a judge for the chili cook-off event,” Doug said.

When the weather turns warmer Doug works at the Boyne City Municipal Marina as a dockhand, assisting in bringing in boats and answering questions from visitors and residents alike.

“In the summertime, I work on the golf course at Boyne Mountain as a course ranger and tee starter for two or three days a week,” he said. “I work greeting guests and make sure they are happy. I also work at the Boyne City boat launch as a greeter.”

Doug and his wife also enjoy their time selling raffle tickets at the chamber of commerce business after hours monthly event.

“We go to the business after hours and sell raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets. It’s another way that we get to network with other individuals that are involved with, and care about, the community,” Doug said. “It gives us both a sense of pride and community involvement. Without volunteers, it would be tough to put on these programs.”

Doug credited Scott MacKenzie and Deb Jason, who were the chamber personnel at the time they moved to Boyne City, as being instrumental in getting he and his wife involved in community volunteerism.

“I’d like to thank Scott MacKenzie and Deb Jason; Scott was executive director and Deb was the associate director,” Doug said. “They introduced us to everything and got us involved with Boyne City.”

He added, “We’ve been extremely involved up here and like to continue our involvement because it’s such a nice town. It’s easy to be involved when the people here are so nice and appreciative—it’s a wonderful community.”