BCPS Board of Education met; discussed Proposal One

boyne school board work session

Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education met for its regular meeting March 9 to discuss Proposal One and the continued lease of the elementary school building to the Genesis Church, among other issues.

The board also discussed the high school’s building trades construction project on the house that they will proceed with standard negotiations for selling and a note that contract negotionations will soon restart.

Student Councils

The elementary representatives discussed their successful book club; reading, “The Tiger Rising” this month. Middle school told the board the drama club is working on a production of Alice in Wonderland, a dodge-ball tournament is underway and asked for a spring dance for seventh and eighth grade.

Focus school

Boyne City schools have been a focus school for two years; and a representative spoke at the meeting telling the board they are unsure of what will happen after the MEAP tests.

Administrator Highlights

Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss reported the outstanding persons of the year award banquet will be held May 7 for $27 a person.

Consent Agenda

Approval of consent agenda for last meeting was discussed; the official budget hearing will be held in June.

“I just want to recognize our outstanding people in education and our recipients,” Moss said…. “I did want to publicly mention that we are accepting Dave Krasinski’s letter of resignation for the purpose of retirement and we hope the best for him, and will certainly miss him.”

The motion to approve last meeting’s minutes passed with a 7-0 vote.

Representative for

board related negotiations

The board agreed that Bea Reinhardt, board secretary, will represent the Board of Education for negotiations involving the upcoming teacher contracts.

Proposal One Resolution

Proposal One is the proposal suggesting the state of Michigan raise taxes by one percent to go toward roads and possible public school funding.

“This is a combination of the one percent, one cent on a dollar increase as well as making sure fuel taxes only goes towards roads,” said Moss.

The board was instructed they could support the movement or stay neutral. Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids chambers were some of the chambers in the state that supported this proposal.

One board member pointed out that if the proposal was passed, it may or may not help with funding for schools but not guaranteed; while if the proposal is declined, it would negatively impact public schools.

The board unanimously agreed to symbolically display their support for proposal one.

Genesis Church rent BCES bldg.

The Boyne City Genesis Church has been using the Arts Center in the Boyne City Public Schools Elementary building for various needs at the price of $125 a month.

Their lease is coming to an end, and the church is discussing renting the building as needed instead of signing another lease because they haven’t used the building since November.

“They would have to use the elementary school, they would pay the full freight on that which is a 90 dollar per occurrence fee,” said Moss. “Over the course of a month they save over $35. I basically say that that is perfectly within their right, it doesn’t make much of a difference to us.”

The church would be notified a month ahead of any performances or scheduled uses the schools would have for the building. The board voted to allow Genesis Church to use the building without a lease, as presented, with a 7-0 vote.