Antique-Flywheelers Student Harvest Days

Kurburski Chair Caning

The Flywheelers are hosting the 19th Annual Student Harvest Days on September 21, 22, 23, 24, 2015 at the club’s show ground on U.S. 131, just north of Boyne Falls, MI.

Nearly 1,200 students, 60 teachers, and 130 chaperones from 34 schools in Northern Michigan have been invited to attend this educational program. Children who are homeschooled are also in the groups attending.

Over One hundred volunteer Flywheeler members will share what ‘life was like in the past lane’ for their Grandparents living on a farm.

The Harvest Days program is prepared for fourth grade students learning about Michigan History this month in the classroom.

The day begins at 9:20 am with announcements and the pledge of allegiance after which students are divided into 57 groups.

Each group is assigned a Flywheeler docent to guide them through activities divided into 15-minute segments.

The demonstrations include blacksmiths, veneer mill/basket factory, grist mill, saw mill, museum, forestry, conservation, horse sense, corn grinding, chair caning, corn chopping, home skills, shingle mill/branding, threshing, windmill/water ram, and a hay ride.

The students bring picnic lunch and are entertained by volunteer musicians while they enjoy lunch with their classmates.

This year the Kurburski Chair Caning demonstration is featured on the Student Harvest Day button that everyone attending will receive.

The Kurburski’s have been explaining the process of caning chairs since the first program eighteen years ago.

The dedication of the demonstrators to share the knowledge of their craft is why the program continues to enrich the lives of every student who attends.

For further information contact co-chairperson Karen Jarema at 248-885-2230.