$650,000 Grandvue Terrace project planned in East Jordan

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Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

Carol Timmer, Administrator of Grandvue Medical Care Facility, spoke at the Boyne Valley Lions Club meeting on Wednesday Feb. 11 to discuss the institution’s renovation plans.

Timmer discussed plans to use one acre of land Grandvue owns to introduce a terrace to the facility, which will include a children’s playground, walking paths and a greenhouse.

“Anything Grandvue is so near and dear to my heart—I had a family connection to Grandvue long ago,” Timmer said…. “About 15 years ago we decided to move up here to Northern Michigan and had the opportunity to work at Grandvue and it was like coming home.”

$650,000 worth of construction will be necessary to complete the project.

Grandvue officials plan to fund-raise for the project at $150,000 increments, and have raised $17,000 so far.

“It is phased to stimulate the senses, maximizing physical health as they make their way through the physical paths,” Timmer said. “They (will be) increasing their strength and their mobility, optimizing their emotional well-being.”

She added, “Who doesn’t want to be outside in the beautiful sunshine and our Northern Michigan seasons, lifting the spirit and embracing fellowship with our other family members and other elders. And, giving elders a reason to get up in the morning and a purpose outside of themselves.”

Grandvue plans to incorporated three paths of varying lengths, construct a bridge over a small pond, raise a barn to hold three animals and pens that elders can care for, and a greenhouse, 24 by 30 feet.

“Studies have shown that residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease really benefit from growing plants, and we have seen it in the facility,” Timmer said. “They do that now but to have that greenhouse would be so special to those residents. And the vegetables and the flowers that they start in the greenhouse can move out to that one-acre park so that those residents from that dementia care unit can enjoy those features and those plants and those flowers that they planted from seeds.”

There will also be a children’s playground and a horseshoes area available.

“It’s a nice space for children to get comfortable at Grandvue,” she said. “It’s not such a scary place, it’s not just a medical place anymore, it’s outdoors, they are having fun in their own playground.”

Grandvue currently hosts 113 residents with 230 employees. Timmer said all workers are paid above minimum wage and the building is staffed around-the-clock.

They plan to write two grants in march and two more in June asking for funds while fund-raising and asking charitable groups to help.

“No taxpayer funds will be used to complete the project,” Timmer said. “We have already partnered with the Charlevoix County Community Foundation on this project. We set up a special projects fund with the foundation and that was all put into place last summer as we looked forward to starting the fund-raising.”