2015 Boyne City Kiwanis Eddie Essay: “Silent Night” by Jordan Herman

Jordan Herman
Jordan Herman

“Silent Night” by Jordan Herman

Jordan Herman
Jordan Herman

Picture this: the snow falls down from the dark sky.

The windows are covered in ice.

A little boy crawls out of his cold bed and tiptoes to the fake plastic Christmas tree in his living room.

His heart freezes over as he sees no presents under the tree this year.

His single mom was gone, already at work, thinking about her son being all alone at home.


She wished there was some way she could afford presents and food, to make her son have the best Christmas ever. If only she knew about Community Christmas.

Community Christmas was founded in 1954 by a former nurse, Thelma Behling.

Thelma had realized that there were many families in need of help in the Boyne Area around Christmas time.

This, started Boyne Area Community Christmas, which helps families out around the holidays with everything from food to presents. Since then, Community Christmas is still going strong.

The goal of Community Christmas is to not let any families in the Boyne Area go without a Christmas. Last year alone they helped over 250 families and over 400 children.

This is why I have decided that if I could give $100 to any charity it would be Community Christmas.

The people at Community Christmas work so hard to be able to help other families out, and I think that is priceless.

Last year, for the first time, I went to Community Christmas with a group of kids from my school.

I was very nervous at first, not knowing what to expect, then I walked into Community Christmas.

I felt a sense of cheerfulness and joy wash over me; I felt like I was one of Santa’s little helpers.

I imagined myself being only four feet tall, wearing a green and red striped shirt, green suspenders, and candy cane striped socks.

I imagined having pointy ears, and wearing pointy shoes that curled up and had bells on the end.

I remember picking up a box and grabbing a card saying “Single Mom, Boy 5 years old” and walking along the line getting food for the family I had.

I grabbed canned corn, green beans, boxed cake mix, granola bars, juice boxes, and stuffing, all things for a great Christmas.

After I filled up my box I went over to the present station and was handed a bag of presents for the little boy.

After I set my box down I felt very warm and cozy inside, knowing I just gave a child a Christmas he may have never gotten without Community Christmas.

Now picture this: the white snow falls down from the sky.

Glowing yellow light pours out of the windows.

A little boy leaps out of his bed, and runs to his living room.

His heart fills with joy as he sees his mom sitting by the tree, with food on the table, and presents under the tree.

The boy opens all of his presents, and he and his mom enjoy the rest of their Christmas together.

This Christmas would have never been made possible without Community Christmas.