2015 Boyne City Eddie Essay: “Northern Michigan Equine Therapy” by Elizabeth Yell

Elizabeth Yell
Elizabeth Yell

“Northern Michigan Equine Therapy” by Elizabeth Yell

Elizabeth Yell
Elizabeth Yell

Depict this, a soldier coming home from war.

Returning to our country after fighting for our freedoms.

Doing us all a service and never again being able to be happy.

Screaming themselves to sleep every night.

Waking up covered in sweat, afraid to close their eyes again for fear that their dreams may be interrupted by gruesome images of fallen friends and comrades.

Imagine being family to this soldier standing by and having to watch them suffer through their PTSD.


You attempt traditional therapies but nothing is working.

At last you find a more unorthodox option, Northern Michigan Equine Therapy.

Horses have a way of sensing how people feel, NMET uses this as a basis for their therapy. Anyone can look at another person and tell them that they are, “okay.”

When in reality they are dying inside, perhaps embarrassed to share how they truly feel.

They have found that people feel no need to be embarrassed around the horses and this helps them build a new confidence; which then is taken into their outside lives.

These forms of therapy can greatly affect people with mental disabilities, but the buck doesn’t stop there. NMET also uses the horses for physical therapy.

This type of physical therapy is called hippotherapy.

Hippotherapy works by having a person use the horse for support. Horses have very fluid repetitive movements that mock those of humans.

They have the people move along with the horses.

By doing this they are expediting neurophysiological systems in the body that control our daily functions.

When I was younger I can remember going to my dad’s house a couple of times a week.

I always looked forward to it because he would take me out to ride the horses.

No matter what was going on I would always be so happy around them.

Horses really have always had a way of brightening my mood and I’ve always had a great interest in them.

To think that something like that could be helping other people fills me with joy.

Riding or not, just being around a horse can take your mind off everything that’s bad in your life, and even if they don’t know what you’re saying it seems as though they always understand.

Northern Michigan Equine Therapy is a local organization run out of Boyne City, benefiting people in our community and others around the state.

They have a tremendous impact on those with physical and mental disabilities as well as helping others just to overcome their fear of horses.

I feel more people should be aware of equine therapy.

People can be cruel, especially to those who are at variance from themselves.

Horses are more understanding and NMET uses that fact to really help people.

This is why I believe they deserve to be rewarded, because really, it’s them who are winning the competition.

I’m just relaying the message.