2015 Boyne City Eddie Essay: “Joppa House” by Alexis Weaver

Alexis Weaver
Alexis Weaver

“Joppa House” by Alexis Weaver

Alexis Weaver
Alexis Weaver

Pastor Ginger Stevens had a vision to one day have a transitional home for homeless women and children.

What was once a dream is now a reality for 6 woman and 4 children. The now “Joppa House” has been build from the ground up and is thriving today.

Joppa House is a new organization that was once a vision that pastor Ginger Steven had after hosting a Food Pantry and a drop in center through Third Days Ministries in Charlevoix.


After seeing many people homeless or have been homeless, Stevens decided to put her vision into place. Starting in November of 2011, Stevens started having fundraisers to raise money for the transitional home.

Stevens need at least an estimate of $75,000 in order to complete her project.

The vacant lot located behind St. Mary in Charlevoix was formerly a apartment complex that burnt down in 2011 was soon donated to Third Days Ministries.

What was left of the complex was torn down and the beginning of “Joppa House” was soon begun.

The purpose of “Joppa House” was to help empower women to learn everyday skills and resolve their homeless situation.

Joppa house has a 12 step program that takes women up to 18 months to complete before going on her own.

The program helps women who are in need of coaching in the basic skills of life; child care, personal boundaries, cooking, basic housekeeping, job skills, scheduling, submitting to authority, work ethics, budgeting and finances.

Personal experience
I’ve seen the experience of Joppa House help multiple women over the past year as I am the house babysitter. I’ve babysat for the women when they are in a class taught by my family friend, Rose Mills.

Rose contacted me in September of 2014 asking if I could babysit for a local women’s shelter for once a week. I said yes, after talking with my family.

I started out babysitting 2 children, a girl and a boy pair of siblings.

Over the past year, I’ve watched anywhere from 6 kids to 2 kids.

I’m currently watching 4 children under the age of 7.

I always feel wonderful when I babysit the children.

They are sweet children being raised by wonderful women. I’ve been babysitting for Joppa House for over a year and haven’t regretted it since.

The women are wonderful and great people.

I believe that Joppa House should be awarded the $100 because they help many women and children get back on their feet.

If we didn’t have Joppa House, we would have many women and children still homeless.

Imagine if this was you or someone you loved.