2015 Boyne City Eddie Essay: “Hope” by Michael Whennen

Michael Whennen II
Michael Whennen II

“Hope” by Michael D. Whennen II

Michael Whennen II
Michael Whennen II

Did you expect the news?

The news of crushing defeat?

The broadcast of depravity and ill-fated luck?

No, of course you didn’t, nobody expected cancer to become your personal monster.

Now you’re alone with this monster that you do not understand. It doesn’t talk to you, it merely becomes your personal ball and chain.

It hurts not knowing.

It’s scary being unaware.

Depression eats away at you day by day.

Darkness seeps into the world around you like a plague of vicious flies.

Until suddenly, it changes.


It’s not just you and the monster anymore, but now you have a legion behind you.

A legion of people experiencing the same problems as you.

You feel relieved and happy that you’re not alone anymore. You have found Camp Quality.

Camp Quality was birthed in Sydney, Australia by Vera Entwistle.

Entwistle got the name Camp Quality from a doctor who told her, “No one can do anything about the quantity of one’s life, but all of us can do something about the quality.”

Camp Quality came to Michigan in 1987 with only 12 campers.

In 2008 it grew to have 120 campers.

But now it’s grown so big that it has spread to other states like Arkansas or Kentucky. I figure that it’s going to keep growing like a great city metropolis.

Cancer is a disease that most people fear the most.

It’s a monster that lies dormant until it scents prey nearby.

And then it jumps and unsheathes its claws ripping up the fabric of your soul. Camp Quality helps mend that soul back together. It’s a coalition of people going through the same things as you.

It gives the children a safe place to be. Camp Quality is the most precious gift upon this Earth, because Camp Quality gives so many fun experiences to people going through cancer.

It makes them feel so alive again.

They offer activities like craft, canoeing, bowling, swimming, water balloon fights, and much, much more. And it’s all funded by the community; they rely on constant support to give these children a great place to be.

Here, no one questions the scars other campers have, no one questions others about anything physical.

To them, it’s normal.

Many parents say that after their child goes to Camp Quality, their child’s perspective on life changes for the better.

Suddenly, everything doesn’t seem so hopeless and grim.

Camp Quality is a necessity upon this Earth.

Camp Quality set out with the goal of allowing children with cancer to be children again, and to give children the gift of hope for the future by providing a fun camping experience.

I believe that this organization deserves this generous gift of money because no matter who you are in this world, it’s terrible being alone.

If you’re alone there’s no telling what could happen.

It’s frightening for you and scary for those who care for you. Camp Quality keeps growing, the number of campers keep increasing, and remember they only rely on the community for help.

It’s almost $800 per camper, and they care for them like a mother to a child.

Camp Quality deserves the grant.

No, Camp Quality needs the grant.

Please be these children’s savior.

Thank you so much Kiwanis, for all that you do.

Camp Quality is the future and hope for all those brave warriors.

Don’t let their dreams die.

Fill their lives with Hope.