2015 Boyne City Eddie Essay: “Good Neighbors Food Pantry” by Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang

“Good Neighbors Food Pantry” by Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang

Thank you for helping the people in need.

Thank-you for lifting the weight off people’s shoulders.

Thank you for showing us the better half of the world.

Thank-you for all the things that you are doing for us.

Thank-you, to the Good Neighbors Food Pantry.


From giving food to people in their food pantries, to the backpacks full of snacks that they give for kids to take home.

The Good Neighbors Food Pantry is a local organization that helps hungry families.

It just opened recently and has been growing with the help of The Manna Food Project and other organizations.

I chose this charity for my essay because there are so many families out there that have a hard time paying bills and paying taxes, that they can’t afford a lot of food for themselves or for their own children.

The Good Neighbors Food Pantry can help that in any little way they can.

I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if my family and I didn’t have a lot of access to food.

It would be scary thinking that you don’t have enough food and you’d have to keep track of how much food you were eating.

I don’t want to have people thinking about all of that.

They should be able to have fun with their family and live carefree lives, not thinking about how much money you have so that they can provide food for their family.

There are four types of program that this charity offers.

They have the Backpack Program, The Food Distribution Program, their local Food Pantry, and the Food Rescue Program.

The Backpack Program provides kids with lunches that help kids go through the rest of the day with a full meal.

The Food Distribution Program buys and distributes food from other local charities and stocks their own shelves with new foods.

They distribute almost 32,000 pounds of food a week.

Their local food pantry that they have is open on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

They give food to the hungry and if they need food on days when the pantry is closed, they give families emergency boxes that have extra food in them.

The Food Rescue program collects perishable and non perishable foods from other local businesses and gives them out to other partner agencies without having them buy the food.

The Good Neighbors Food Pantry is truly amazing.

The volunteers go out of their way to help people in need and are satisfied with just the feeling of helping someone.

It’s really amazing to think that there are tons of people like that in our community.

I want to become one of those people.

Reading and researching this organization has made me want to help people as much as I can.

With this essay, I could help a family that is in need of food or a family who needs support.

That makes me feel great.

Giving the one hundred dollars to the Good Neighbors food Pantry can help someone in need and change their life from bad to good.

I know that this organization can turn into something even bigger than it is now, they just need the support.

Even if it’s a couple cans of food, it could still help someone who has been through a lot.

Giving the one hundred dollars to the Good Neighbors Food Pantry you say?

I think that’s a perfect head start.