2015 Boyne City Eddie Essay: “Boyne Area Free Clinic” by Aliccia Stafford

Aliccia Stafford
Allicia Stafford
Can you imagine what it would be like to not be able to sleep in your own bed?

“Boyne Area Free Clinic” by Aliccia Stafford

Allicia Stafford
Allicia Stafford

Can you imagine what it would be like to not be able to sleep in your own bed?


Or even buy food?

To wake up everyday cold.

Borrowing money that you won’t be able to pay back.

Having to wash your clothes in a sink at the public restroom, and when you get a cavity you just take out the tooth with pliers.

You tell yourself it’s just one tooth, until your smile is just bruised looking gums.

When I was younger I lived off ramen noodles and microwave meals with my mother.

My mother and I were living off my grandmothers retirement money.

When I think back guilt washes over me.

A lot of that money was going to her surgeries for an extra bone that was growing out of her foot, and even when shaved down it kept growing.

So the money that helped her was the food on my plate.

The worst was, it was paying for the medical bills when I had to go to the doctor.

For example, when I was seven I had a third degree burn from a fireplace.

The cost for daily wrappings and cream plus non-pain pills was about five hundred dollars.

At some point in my life it was too much on my grandma.

I simply stopped getting check ups, or going to the dentist and only had my eyes checked every two years.

So it is personal when I write this essay.

You would be surprised how much the Free Clinic offers: dental screening, eye examination, and hearing exams.

The Boyne Area Free Clinic has been open for over 30 years.

Over those 30 years over one hundred people have been helped and with this money I want to help one hundred more.

During my research over Boyne Area Free Clinic I found out that some equipment that they need for helping is too expensive.

This is also why I want to contribute money.

With this essay I want to recognize the hard-working people at Boyne Area Free Clinic.

Thank-you all for putting your dedication, love, and skill for others who can’t afford it.

Every one of you, as my grandma would say, are God-sent Angels.