Top 20 stories of 2014

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Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

Fluoride fracas

The addition of Fluoride was a heated issue in Boyne City throughout the 2014 year beginning with a May 13 commission meeting which ended with a 3-2 vote to end fluoridation.

Throughout the course of several months, the issue led to many debates and was finally put up to the people on the Nov. 4 ballot. The addition of fluoride to the water system passed by a 2:1 margin. Commissioners discussed how they should reintroduce the fluoride to the water and if they should change the amount of fluoride they had been adding. Fluoride is back in the water system again at its original level.

new Noise Ordinance

After five years without a noise ordinance, because it was thrown out by a judge for being constitutionally vague, city officials drew up a new proposal and passed it 4-1 at the end of 2014.

Ramblers on a winning streak!

Boyne City Ramblers ended their season 12-1 after being knocked out of state semi-finals by Ithaca.

However, before ending their season, the Ramblers picked up their first district championship in 13 years.

2014 Election Results

Circuit judge and fluoride debate topped the issues facing voters as they entered the polls.

The election resulted in Roy C. Hayes winning the Charlevoix County Circuit Judgeship over Mary Beth Kur with 58.85 percent of the vote.

The addition of fluoride back into the water was favored by a vote of 868 to 396.

Boyne City, now a Trail Town

The Trail Town Master Plan was approved by the city commission with a 3-1 vote; recommended by the city’s Parks and Recreation committee, this was an attempt to bring the community together.

The Trail Town concept’s specific purpose is to aid communities in the development and monetization of recreational trails.

fisp land swap proposed

St Marys Cement proposed a land swap with Fisherman’s Island; trading a marsh filled land for a dry piece of land with more material Fisherman’s is sitting on. The issue is still unresolved and the latest debacle with the trade has been the Community Advisory Meeting. The meeting was foremost disclosed to the press and public and there was talk of $2 to $5 million worth of amenities, infrastructure upgrades and concessions by St Marys.

new dog park

August 28 began a new era in Boyne City, with an official Ridge Run Dog Park; the park was funded by individual and corporate donations.

The park features areas for large and small dogs, an agility course, and there are plans to add even more amenities in the future.

Races saved by citizens

In May, the annual Drag Races looked like they might be called off.

The police department said they simply didn’t have enough man power to continue.

The airport said they would like to host the fundraiser still but would still need people to work the event.

The Labor Day Drag Races were ultimately saved by a group of concerned citizens and some police officers.

new Catt Development

Earlier this year, Glen Catt proposed a development in Boyne City which would include a 7 Monks Tap room, a bank and an apartment near the top of the structure placed in downtown Boyne.

Catt spoke to commissioners as he presented ideas about parking and the probability that renters would want to live above a bar.

Walloon Water


Denis Hass agreed to put his water system in Walloon Lake up for sale this past year.

More than 80 percent of its customers agreed to purchase the Walloon Lake Water System at a price of nearly $1.3 million.

Negotiations have been ongoing throughout the fall, and officials say they hope to have a deal sometime in the new year.

Food Truck restrictions

Concern by some local business owners and city officials over the operation of food trucks in Boyne City was the impetus for the Boyne City Commission to begin discussion over a potential food truck ordinance.

When a decision could not be made on two different occasions, the matter was placed on hold with a moratorium on the mobile food vendors.

The proposed ordinance would allow for mobile food vending on private property and zoned areas for restaurants.

The matter is expected to come up for discussion again in the new year.

Officer delivers baby

Bone City Police Officer Kyle Smith’s advanced training came in handy when a routine shift turned into an emergency baby delivery.

Beaver Island youth saves life

Beaver Island student Ron Marsh performed the Heimlich maneuver on Bob Banville on April 25 after Marsh saw Banville choking and was waving someone down on the road for help.

Marsh said this one experience has made him even more committed to becoming an EMT and firefighter.

Fire at Morels Bistro

The Melrose Township Fire Department was dispatched to a shed fire in April outside of Boyne City in Melrose Township for a blaze that ultimately destroyed Morel’s Bistro.

A nearby shed had burst into flames and spread to the upscale restaurant.

According to the building owner, maintenance was being done on the shed and linseed oil in the building may have started the blaze.

Plane Crash video uproar

Jan. 6 at 7 a.m. a plane crash occurred on the outskirts of Boyne City resulting in two deaths. Emergency pesonnel responded to a remote area behind Bay Woods Assisted Living Facility.

The event became a heated issue after an employee from a Gaylord newspaper took pictures of the wreck, which contained some body parts. The photographer was charged with an obscure law prohibiting pictures being taken at gravesites. Charges were later dropped.

Karly Shorr goes Olympic

Michigan woman and Milford native who vacations in the Boyne Area, Karly Shorr made an appearance at the 2014 Winter Games at the Olympics. She was one of four athletes to go to Sochi Russia, representing the U.S in its first Olympic Slopestyle snowboarding team. The team came in 6th overall at the Olympics Shorr received a score of 84.75, receiving fourth place in the second round before finishing 6th with her team in the finals.