Students step forward for resource center

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Megan Wilson

Contributing Writer

A Boyne City High School student has a new mission this Holiday season, she is helping to organize a drive for essentials that goes toward the Women’s Resource Center.

“It all started when I needed a leadership project that I could use as one of the requirements for my National Honor Society Induction,” said Onderea Eaton, BCHS 11th grader. “I talked to some girls in the elementary school and we’ve talked to principal Mark Fralick and he pointed us to the WRC.”

Essential products being collected by the students include hand and body soap, healthy snacks, new undergarments, benadryl, baby dolls, hairbrushes, toilet paper, paper towels, baby bottles, food and formula, and diapers to name just a few things.

Eaton is the teachers aide for Mr. Roger Coates fourth grade class.

“The first table collected filled up in a short while, the students have been wonderful gathering items,” said Eaton.

Also helping Eaton organize the drive and encourage other students to donate are 4th grade students Carrie Schmolt, Vivian LaPointe, Johanna Gregware, and Nicole Hellebuyck.

“The WRC helps women who need help, we wanted to help the women who are there,” said BCES 4th grader Vivian LaPointe.

Several other young ladies voiced the same reason for wanting to help the WRC.

“I was in this group because the women at the WRC need our help,” said Johanna Gregware.

“The people at the WRC really need donations to help them until they find a home that they are safe in,” said BCES 4th grader Nicole Hellebuyck.

This is not the first time that the school has been involved with helping out the Women’s Resource Center and helping end domestic violence.

“The BCHS played a white ribbon game football game last year to help and our students are all taking the pledge to end domestic violence,” said Principal Mark Fralick. “There are three points to the domestic violence pledge; 1) I won’t commit violence, 2) I won’t condone violence, and 3) I won’t remain silent.”

According to, “Every 3 seconds a woman is beaten or assaulted in the U.S.”

Donations may be dropped off at the Boyne City Elementary School.