New years resolutions

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Megan Wilson

Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year again, and 2015 promises to be much like last year’s, as the list of top resolutions remains the same.

According to a Harris Poll, “The number one resolution was to lose weight, or to eat healthier.”

“The dietician at Charlevoix Area Hospital recommends making more positive choices when it comes to eating,” said CAH Director of Community Education Kathleen Jacobsen. “Reducing fast food intake and increasing daily consumption of fruits and vegetables are two ways to eat healthier.”

Charlevoix Area Hospital offers Wellness Wednesdays taking place at the Boyne Area Medical Center the second Wednesday of every month at 223 N Park St from 8a.m. to 11a.m., for more locations please go to

The second most popular New Year’s resolution is to improve finances or save more money.

“Currently the United States debt ratio is at its lowest point since 1980, consumers are working harder than ever to get out of debt and start saving,” said Ruth Skop, Finance Advisor for Edward Jones. “The best way to save is by prioritizing expenses and budgeting paychecks on paper.”

Edward Jones is available to do a no charge financial consultation planning session.

Skop added, “We are here to serve the community, and have tools that are available to help every family and type of investor.”

The third most popular New Year’s resolution was to be healthier, and to have more “me” time.

“A lot of people come in once a week to get some color and tan,” said Haley Boughton of Fiji Salon & Spa in Boyne City. “Another service that is popular with our customers is massages, everyone should get one of those at least once in a lifetime.”

The fourth most popular resolution was to quit smoking or reduce cigarette intake.

“We have a freedom of smoking clinic that helps to educate people on ways to quit,” said Kathy Fischel, Department of Marketing and Public Relations, Charlevoix Area Hospital. “The clinic is eight weeks long and has seven sessions.”

The fifth most popular resolution dealt with stress management and better spiritual well-being.

“A lot of us are thinking so much about the world that we forget about our body,” said Elite Energetics owner Karen Wright. “One way to get past the world is to breathe, and get out of the ego.”

“All we are is energy, whatever we put into our body affects us either positively or negatively,” said Wright. “A big thing is knowing how to interpret the signs it gives you.”

Wright will be giving informational talks in January dealing with how to reconnect with the body, for more information contact Karen Wright at (231) 675-0015.

Another popular resolution that made the Harris Poll this year was to get more organized, and to have less clutter around the house.

“The first step in organizing a room is deciding what is going to be kept, what belongs in the room, and what needs to be donated or thrown away,” said Rachel Lange, Owner of Happy Spaces in Boyne City. “I use shoeboxes to help organize things, and when I go into someone’s house I see what they have on hand to use before I get started.”

Lange added that expensive storage organizers and closet storage solutions are nice but not necessary to de-clutter a room.

With the Internet making information available at any time for anyone it is easier than ever to fulfill the next resolution.

“Individuals that are interested in starting school or continuing their education can call me and we can work together to decide what exactly they want to do,” said Jamie Baumann, North Central Michigan College Academic Counselor. “There are certificates and degrees available at NCMC, and we can help them decide where they want to go once they get here.”

Baumann added, “College is flexible. You don’t have to be a full-time student, and you can work a class schedule around a job.”

Rounding out near the bottom of the resolution list was traveling.

“There is no charge to talk to a travel agent. They can be very helpful because they are familiar with the different options in a vacation package,” said Passageways Travel Agent Kay Long. “I would recommend planning a vacation starting up to six months in advance.”

Volunteerism is continuing to grow across the country, and this year it made the top ten New Year’s resolutions for the third year in a row.

“For those wishing to volunteer for an organization, please go to and register to become a part of the Boyne Volunteer Network,” said Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Associate Director Kim Altobello.