Have your C.A.K.E. Charlevoix’s Mclaren upgrading facilities, service

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Beth Gohs

Staff Writer

David Zechman CEO at McLaren Northern Michigan hospital plans to reconstruct the hospital, which will include the addition of surgery and multi-purpose rooms among other changes.

Zechman spoke at the Boyne Valley Lions Club earlier this fall to discuss what his organization plans for the future of their facilities as well as ensuring the best possible performances from their employees.

“We are getting ready to embark upon about a hundred million dollar renovation room on campus,” Zechman said. “The hospital looks great from the inside, but the outside it’s still very good—you take good care of it—but the fact of the matter is that we need to do two major things for our campus. One is dual occupancy rooms will change to single occupancy rooms.”

A portion of funding for the renovations will come from philanthropy, according to Zechman, the hospital aims to raise $30 million to $50 million for the reconstruction.

“I wanted to let you know this is the biggest thing to happen in the history of the hospital,” he said. “It will create a lot of construction jobs during that time and it’s going to create a huge buzz in the community…. Assuming everything goes like we hope it goes, we will hopefully break ground in a year and a half.”

Zechman discussed motivation techniques used for employees; one new program used is C.A.K.E., which stands for Compassion And Kindness for Everyone.

“Every day I send them a greeting and an inspirational quote,” said Zechman… “It’s called a patient safety huddle. Every day at 9:30 in the morning we get the key leaders in the hospital together and they meet for 15 minutes. Led by chief operating officer, they meet seven days a week. It’s a deliver focus report about safety, it’s a safety risk hospital and it’s real time assessment.”

Zechman was confident of the hospital’s preparation level for an outbreak of disease which began with the worry of Ebola spreading to America.

“I’m confident that if someone did come in (with Ebola) we would quarantine that patient and provide care that the patient needs…. I’m comfortable with where we are with that,” said Zechman. “Interestingly enough, as you’ve read in the media, there was no hospital in the country that was prepared for that situation. That’s just a reality, I’m not going to sit here and tell you today that McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital would have been prepared.”

He added, “The positive that’s come out of this is this has really created a huge wake-up call for a lot of providers in the country, to be better prepared.… There is always going to be some kind of disease we are going to have to deal with, whether it’s Ebola or something else.”

According to Zechman, there has been a decrease in patients getting MRI’s, cat-scans and ultrasounds because their insurance plans require thousands of dollars for their deductibles.

“In my 32 years of healthcare, in terms of deductibles people have now,” he said. “I’ve heard of people with $20,000 deductibles. It’s just catastrophic…. A lot of people don’t have that kind of money and the economy hasn’t fully recovered, so we are having to adapt to that.”

Zechman also discussed online accessibility to medical records; currently one can access radiology results and doctor notes. Eventually, patients will be able to look at outpatient and emergency room records online.

Awards the Northern Michigan McLaren Hospital has received include:

• The governors award for excellence

• The cardiology department received beacon awards

• Two women’s choice awards for orthopedic and cancer

• And the American College of Surgeons surveyed the nurse program and the program met the 34 standards as well as the seven additional standards.

“Our goals are the following: we want to be rated the highest in service in the McLaren health system, we want to be rated the highest service in the State of Michigan, we want to be rated the highest service in the country,” said Zechman. “We are going to work through the changes and be the strongest organization. We want to be the best and that means we are providing the best quality service to everybody’s benefit.”