Fiber optic network project underway in Boyne

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Benjamin Gohs

News Editor


Lansing-based fiber optic broadband services provider began installing a new high-speed internet infrastructure in Boyne City last week.
The new system of distributed antennas and fiber optic cable will be up to 100 times faster than regular broadband, and will increase the speed and quality of cell phone and wireless internet coverage.
“Slow cell and internet connections can be frustrating to customers and detrimental to businesses,”’s CEO Kevin Schoen stated in a company news release last week. “This next generation broadband network will increase local companies’ connection speeds and reduce their business operational costs.”
According to Boyne City Manager Michael Cain, approached the city regarding getting use of the city’s road right-of-ways to lay the cable.
“The city commission approved that at their Aug. 12 meeting … and it’s part of our efforts to bring high-speed internet to the area,” said Cain. “The more options that are out there, the more opportunities there are to make it easier for people to do business where they like to visit.”
Cain added, “A lot of people like to visit up here during summer and do their business on laptops or other mobile devices. And, the more robust high-speed internet systems, the more advantageous it is to bringing people up here as residents or for business as well.”
The new gigabit system could also lower costs to residential, commercial and governmental customers while providing the same “world-class” quality of internet used in Silicon Valley, making Boyne City into a FiberHood.
“People are making decisions on where to live and work based upon the technology infrastructure available to them,” Schoen stated. “Gigabit fiber networks and the latest generation wireless networks are what today’s high-technology workforce are demanding.”
According to Schoen, many Boyne City businesses will be able to have fiber optic cable run from their offices to the road, giving them a direct link to the system as opposed to having lower-speed cable or DSL running to the fiber optic system. will be working in the area through October.
Since is a wholesaler to the larger phone companies, this project is occurring at no cost to the taxpayers.