Christmas Memories

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Megan Wilson

Contributing Writer

As the holidays get closer area residents reflected on Christmas memories past and present, here’s a look at what they had to share it with your fellow readers.

“One of my favorite Christmas memories would have to be going to my Grandma Bricker’s house and eating noodles with all of my cousins,” said Jody Crosier.

Crosier’s daughter Addy had a different memory in mind however, saying “One year we walked to the farm on Christmas to see the baby cows, the entire family went.”

“My son is adopted, we actually brought him home on Dec. 17 and we went from being fully rested and regularly exercised people to being two people totally exhausted,” said Carrie Bollman, FNP at Boyne City Quick Care.

Other residents talked of how the holidays affected them as children, and how their parents dealt with it.

“When I was little my dad wouldn’t let us wake him before 6 a.m. so he would put out coloring books for when we woke up at two,” said Christine Peck.

Other area residents remembered the more social aspect of the holiday.

“We go caroling every Christmas Eve and take friends plates of cookies,” said Wendy Reidel of Bob Mathers Ford.

“One of my favorite Christmas memories involved our honeymoon in 1965,” said Boyne City Mayor Ron Grunch. “We went to Old Town Santa Fe, Old Town Albequerque, and Old Town Denver.”

Grunch added, “We stayed at the LaFonda hotel in Old Town Santa Fe, and we just celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary.”

Some community members reminisced about loved ones that had been lost during the year, and how they honored their memories.

“After my dad passed away I took my mother’s wedding ring and separated the stones from it,” said Cindi Malin of CindiFranco’s Cool Stuff.

“I paired the stones with birthstones and made jewelry for each of her grandchildren.”

Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim Baumann recalled a simpler time, that of when he first bought his house in Boyne City.

“It was in 2007, we had just bought the house here, but we didn’t have jobs in Boyne City yet,” said Baumann.

“We slept on air mattresses and had no furniture in the house and six months later we both got lucky and got jobs in Northern Michigan.”