Boyne Department of Public Works engineering plan to move forward; Firm charged with shaving costs, further developing DPW move to North Boyne

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Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

Ray Kendra of Environment Architects recently presented the Boyne City Commission with a more detailed “phased approach” to the city’s future facilities project.
While there were some questions about the projected engineering costs laid out in Kendra’s plan, the Boyne City Commission unanimously approved the planning process to go forward on the DPW portion of the plan.
“We tried to break it up into phases and then we clearly outlined what the different phases would be to complete the work—and then we would be billing on a phased basis,” Kendra said… “I know the commission’s wish was to try to scale that project down from our original estimate, so that’s something that we would be working on right away.”
Kendra said he did not give a full proposal for the city hall portion of the project because its fate is still unknown.
“On the city hall portion, we’re just continuing to … baby-step along the process to continue to develop and refine,” he said… “We feel there’s too many things out there still, so I did not give a full proposal for that. We don’t even know what the final value of that building will be, so the idea is to continue on the development phase that portion of the project, present additional designs, present additional cost estimating, look at phasing options and then get feedback from the board and the community.”
Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom asked how much closer this would put the city to a final design of the proposed project.
“We would be literally developing, reducing costs, putting construction documents together,” Kendra said, adding that some of the cost came from site engineering estimates from C2AE…. “From the DPW standpoint, we’re basing this on $1.5 million, which is a target we just identified until we get … Andy’s input and other staff input as far as how we can scale that building back.”
Kendra said the costs also include the salt barn, cold storage and heated service building.
DPW fee summary is based on $1,500,000 project value that includes salt barn, cold storage
DPW Phase 1: Design Development Services – $13,140
DPW Phase 2: Construction Document Phase – $34,852
DPW Phase 3: Bidding & Award Phase Services – $3,285
DPW Phase 4: Construction Phase Services – $13,140
DPW C2AE Site Engineering – $9,925
City Hall & Emergency Services fee summary
City Hall/EMS: Refined schematic design development services billed hourly, not to exceed – $9,600
C2AE site engineering for city hall/EMS: Refined schematic design development services billed hourly, not to exceed – $1,860
Additional Services – The following are not included in the proposal and would be considered as additional services:
• C2AE bidding and construction phase services
• Soil boring and investigation at DPW site (estimated by C2AE at $2,000 to $3,000)
• Technology and Specialty Equipment Design/Consulting; includes all coordination of equipment into the design documents utilizing information provided by vendors.
• Loose Furnishings Consulting
• Bid documents including drawings and specification and associated printing costs
• LEED Certification Services: including but not limited to registration fees, commissioning costs, energy modeling, certification submittal, documentation and certification fees.
• Hazardous materials exploration/abatement
Boyne City Commissioner Derek Gaylord asked Kendra if he had completed the first contract he was awarded by the city for his planning services.
“In my opinion, we exceeded what we originally set out to do,” Kendra responded.
Gaylord indicated that he wanted to discuss whether the engineering services for the rest of the project should go out for bids.
“The RFP you asked for did not ask for services through the complete project,” Kendra said. “It’s unrealistic for anybody to have given you a number for construction documents in what you asked for in the first proposal.”
He added, “We’re being extremely fair with our pricing and the work that we’ve completed to date.”
Kendra explained that he could not give a total for all his services from the beginning because the city had no idea what the size or cost of its project would be until the initial engineering services were completed.
Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer said he felt comfortable with Kendra’s services so far and felt the city should continue with Environment Architects.
“We have money saved. We need to proceed. I’m very in support of moving forward and starting construction on DPW,” Neidhamer said. “We’re not going, at this point, to borrow money. So, we’re saving the community by paying cash.”
Neidhamer added that he would like to use any other cash on hand to simultaneously construct the EMS portion of the project if possible.
The commission voted unanimously to go forward with the planning process.