Boyne City’s Marvin Loding Award nominations accepted now through September 8


By Megan Wilson

Contributing Writer

Boyne City has decided to resurrect the Marvin Loding Community Civic Service Award, and will be issuing the first award since 2007 later this year.

Loding was a former three-term Boyne City mayor, an alderman on the Common Council before the adoption of the City Charter, Mayor Pro-tem of the first Boyne City Commission in 1960, a planning commissioner, and on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Commission on Aging, and Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners.

“This is an award that anyone can be nominated for. The judges look at landscaping, building improvements, maintenance, and other improvements that have been done,” said Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson. “It’s a very broad category. There are a lot of things people can be nominated for.”

There are three categories that the nominees fall into are residential, commercial, and industrial.

“There’s a lot of people doing a lot of great things, and we want to see that they are being recognized,” said McPherson. “So far, only one nomination has been received, we are hoping to receive more submissions.”

Awardees will be selected at the planning commission meeting by secret ballot, and then formally recognized at the next city commission meeting.

“We just brought it back this year, and normally the applications are reviewed in August but I want to push it back to September to give people time to submit applications,” said McPherson. “Applications may be submitted by Sept. 8.”

The final award is still in the planning stages, it is unclear as to whether or not the original design will be used.

According to the Marvin Loding Award nomination fact sheet, in addition to volunteering on at the Barn Mountain Ski Hill—now known as Avalanche Preserve—Loding was active in the development of the North Boyne Launch Ramp and the Shelter House at Veterans Memorial Park. And, Loding traveled the country inspecting wastewater lagoons and was among those instrumental in the engineering of Boyne City’s wastewater lagoon system.