Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent rated “Effective”


Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss was rated as “effective” according to his latest performance evaluation.

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education recently released the results of Moss’ evaluation in a Tuesday Feb. 18 memo.

“In the coming months, continued focus will be paid to student growth and achievement, student/parent feedback and continued staff relations,” it was stated in the memo.

This evaluation is conducted annually and is the result of both parties assessing his services to the District.

No outside or third party facilitators were required to complete the process. All seven Board members participated in the evaluation with Moss completing a self-evaluation.

Moss’ overall rating has been found as “Effective.”

He was rated “Highly Effective” in the areas of:

• Personal qualities

• Evaluation

• Progress towards the school improvement plan

• Student Attendance

His areas of strength continue to be:

• His long-time experience with legislators, educators, administrators and students in a district setting

• His willingness to engage new methods and ideas like technology usage within the educational system

• Continued collaboration with local partners & business

• His passion and dedication have been aptly demonstrated by his participation in sporting event attendance, musical performances and elementary activities

The Board of Education looks forward to the future achievements by Peter Moss which will benefit the district and Boyne City as a whole.