Boyne City Planning Commission highlights

boyne city planning commission web bannerBeth Gohs

Staff Writer

The Boyne City Planning Commission met on June 16 for its regular meeting and discussed agenda items including a new dog kennel proposal, the Boyne City Trail Town requirements and a review of the 417 Boyne Ave. plan.


Dog Kennel
At the last planning commission meeting, Barbara Green presented the idea of starting a dog kenneling business located in Boyne City’s Air Industrial Park.
The commission told Green the use was not prohibited but also not a listed use for the industrial park and would need approval to move forward. At that time, Green had no official plan drawn—she returned for the June 16 meeting with a site plan.
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson told the commission other cities in Michigan have adopted this use for their industrial parks.
McPherson said there have been no noise complaints in the cities where dog kennels were located in industrial parks. McPherson also told the commission that, in Canton Michigan, the dog kennel in the industrial park received no complaints and he is “comfortable with the conditions.”
The property was subject to review by the EDC.
The EDC looked at the site plan on June 9 and agreed it was reasonable with restrictions of: hours of operation must be from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., the dumpster and trash can enclosure must be three-sided plus a gate, there must be a screen of the east property line with natural obscuring conifers, and if external lighting is necessary, it must be discussed with the planning director.
Green highlighted the greater issues not detailed in her previous presentation:
Hours will be 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
There will be up to 50 kennels
Play area will have vinyl fencing in front of the building
Will add natural screening along the property line
The planning commission asked if Green added more kennels, as the business develops, would she also add the amount of tie-ups.
“It’s just going to be nine indoor-outdoor,” she said. “The dogs will be in and out of the play areas and not just in their kennels all day.”
Commissioners told Green that, if a noise ordinance was adopted, she may want to look into adopting it and following restrictions rather than being grandfathered in.
Green stated it would be typical for most dogs to stay three to four days, unless they are just in for daycare.
“The idea is they are playing 90 percent of the time, so they are tired when they have to go home or wind down for the day,” Green said
One commissioner asked what the noise would be like inside the building. The building was described  as a steel building that stays cool because it is solid.
Green replied to this, stating that some things she wouldn’t be able to control. She emphasized that during the day the dogs would be playing most of the time, making them too tired to start barking and causing trouble at night.
Commissioners agreed that it was in an industrial park, and noise is to be expected during business hours.
A motion was made to allow the dog kennel business to be located in the Air Industrial Park, as it is within the conditional use of the district.
Commissioners agreed Green’s plan followed the conditional uses of the industrial park, and she is on track to make changes to accommodate the EDC’s instructions.
Green will continue with designing a dog kennel for Boyne City, located at 1441 Lexamar Drive, Air Industrial Park.

Boyne City Trail Town
Representatives for the Boyne City Trail Town program presented at the June 16 planning commission meeting, asking for what improvements are needed.
Officials explained the trail is designed for a greater purpose than simply another destination for tourists to walk a trail.
They told the commission there is an in-depth background on the concept, which is to create a vacation destination in Boyne City.
The representative explained it’s not an idea that isolates other towns, rather it integrates them. The trail has multiple purposes. It’s for locals and tourists and it’s an alternative form of travel and exercise.
Planning commissioners focused on the possibility of redeveloping some businesses in areas the trail would go in order to improve the scenery.
Commissioners told representatives the potential sites that need redevelopment must be included in the master plan.
The Trail Town plan will be presented to the Boyne City Commission in July or August.

William White house
Northern Homes CDC plans to use the historic William H. White house, located at 417 Boyne Ave., as a senior residential home.
Representatives of Northern Homes said the finished project could house for or five seniors living spaces.
This project is in the historic district purview, so it must be reviewed by that committee.
Changes to be made, in accommodating a senior home, will include the parking lot, and the wrap around porch they plan to separate into two porches.
A grant received for turning the building into a senior home required parking spaces be permeable so rainwater can go through. Representatives told the commission that they are adding six parking spaces, five of which would be permeable.
With the parking lot, they are thinking of closing it off to one of the two streets it currently allows car access to, but they aren’t certain of which street yet.
A ramp will be added for easier accessibility, and they also plan to take down all trees except one they are leaving on Pearl Street.
The planning commission took no action on the matter.