Boyne City Manager’s Report

city manager's report

Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his report on city business to the Boyne City Commission on Tuesday Dec. 9.

Following are the highlights of his report:

DDA/TIF legislation

“Yesterday, I learned that, in addition to trying to find a solution to the road funding issue, some in Lansing are trying to reopen the DDA/TIF (Downtown Development Authority/Tax Increment Financing) issue as well during the lame duck session,” Cain said, who added that the matter was expected to be discussed sometime soon but that its chances of gaining traction were low. (See the full story on Tax Increment Financing from the Oct. 22 edition of the Boyne City Gazette online at Subscription required)

PlacePlans Services grant

“Today we had a conference call regarding our PlacePlans services grant application, which was going to provide planning services to help us develop a common theme and some ideas between Peninsula Beach Park and State Street just south of the Veterans Memorial,” Cain said. “We were informed that 13 projects were submitted and are under consideration statewide, out of which six will be selected.”

He added, “We hope to hear more with regards to how we fared sometime next week.”

According to the Michigan Municipal League (MML), PlacePlans is a joint effort between Michigan State University and the Michigan Municipal League, and is funded by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) through the MIPlace initiative, to help communities design and plan for transformative placemaking projects.

“Successful placemaking is a dynamic, strategic approach to community development and economic revitalization based on an individual community’s strengths within core ‘quality of life’ areas,” it states on MML’s website. “With a comprehensive understanding of a community’s place-based assets, and the tools and strategies to best leverage them, a successful ‘PlacePlan’ can develop.”
It further states, “The PlacePlans process is customized to each project and community, but each involves an intensive community engagement strategy, including a public visioning session, several public meetings to provide specific input and feedback on plans and designs, and direct work with key community stakeholders along the way. The PlacePlan projects will positively impact each community’s ability to leverage their place-based assets as economic drivers, and will provide lessons large and small for communities across Michigan.”

Safe Routes To School

“It looks like most of our Safe Routes To School grant application has been approved,” said Cain. “Certain sections, like the changeable speed limit signs and pedestrian-activated flashing crosswalk signs that would be along M-75, and the sidewalk on Lewis Street, are still under review at the state and may be denied.”

Division Street

Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom inquired as to the status of the Division Street flooding issues.

Cain said the revised easement has been sent to an attorney representing homeowners in the area who have claimed that poor drainage nearby has caused flooding on their properties.

Cain said he has talked with the appropriate city officials concerning getting quotes for the plan to improve water drainage.

“We’re anticipating that the cost will be in the $20,000 range as was previously approved by the city commission,” Cain said.