Boyne City Manager’s report & meeting set for city facilities discussion

city manager's report

Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his bi-monthly report to the Boyne City Commission on Tuesday Sept. 23.
Items of interest included Kirtland, TIF, election information and an update on the Sommerset Pointe sewer issue.
Not included in the report but discussed later in the meeting was the future of Boyne City’s facilities, the details of which are included first, below:

City facilities work session
Cain sent a memo to the Boyne City Commission on Sept. 19, proposing that a city commission work session be convened at 6 p.m. on Tuesday Oct. 21 in order to discuss the progress made by Environment Architects on the future facilities plans.

East & Ray
Good progress continues to be made on the East and Ray streets reconstruction project, and it is moving forward toward its scheduled October completion date.
“They are pouring concrete on the curbs on Ray Street as that starts to get put back together,” Cain said.

Something fishy
Cain wanted to make sure everyone knows the city has a fish cleaning station at the main boat launch that remains open and available for such activity.
“With the fall fishing season upon us we are having some problems with people that are cleaning their fish on the new shoppers dock and they’re leaving quite a mess behind,” said Cain.

Election signs
Cain reminded the public that election signs must be placed on private property, not on public property or road right-of-ways.
“An easy way to tell where that is, if there are sidewalks, is it’s typically behind the sidewalk toward the building,” he said. “Where there are no sidewalks, the sign should be about 30 feet off the road edge or behind property stakes if the owner happens to have them.”
Call Boyne City’s Planning Department—at 582-0343—for more information on the proper location of signs.

November election
Absentee ballots for the Nov. 4, election have been received by the city and are available to those people registered to vote in Boyne City. The last date to register for the election is Monday Oct. 6.
Boyne City Hall—319 North Lake St.—will be open between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday Nov. 1, for the processing of absentee ballots.

Sommerset sewer update
“Last Thursday (Sept. 18) we had what I felt was a good meeting with representatives of Eveline Township and Sommerset Pointe to discuss the continued possibility of serving them with sanitary sewer, and probably the less likely option for them, because I don’t think they’re as interested in it, city water,” Cain said. “Both of these items are covered in a (previous) … agreement between all the parties and we’re waiting, at this point, for further information from Eveline and Sommerset before we can address this matter further.”

Main Street Manager
The city continues its search for a Main Street Program Manager. One interview was conducted last week but no decisions were made public by press time.

Kirtland extension
Cain said the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) notified the city—on Monday Sept. 22—that Kirtland Products had its request for an extension until Dec. 31 before further testing is done on its exhaust stacks.

Lake Street stormwater
The MDEQ also notified the city that it is still reviewing a request by Boyne City regarding its application to perform improvements at the lower Lake Street stormwater outflow. The MDEQ says it should have an answer for the city sometime this week.

Division Street water issues
The city has installed a total of six well points on both sides of Division Street in an attempt to learn more about the water situation in the area.
“With these well points we can monitor and see what the elevational difference of the water is on either side of the road,” Cain said.
The issue is expected to be discussed as a formal agenda item at the city’s Oct. 14 meeting.

Tax Increment Funding
“I’m keeping a close eye on proposed changes to Tax Increment Funding legislation that’s being considered in Lansing,” said Cain. “These are the primary funding sources for our DDA Main Street Program and also our Business Industrial Park efforts.”
He added, “The potential loss of our ability to use these funds for operation, management and marketing is huge and would definitely affect existing committee efforts in these areas, if enacted.”
Cain said he is in touch with state legislators and the Michigan Municipal League in order to stay abreast of the situation.

Marvin Loding Awards
The awards are expected to be announced at the Oct. 14 meeting.