Boyne City food truck Moratorium extended for another 90 days

Benjamin Gohs, Editor

The Boyne City Commission extended its moratorium prohibiting food trucks from operating on public property in the city limits, other than where normally allowed on scheduled events, for another 90 days.

The decision was made during the commission’s regular Tuesday Sept. 23, meeting with city officials citing a need for more time to deal with the somewhat contentious issue.
“The city has continued to look at the issue and gather further information and trying to develop a way to move forward,” said Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson. “We are looking at developing a committee and identifying a mediator or some third party to help facilitate that.”
He added, “We haven’t been successful in finding that person yet but we’re hoping to do that soon.”
Boyne City Commissioner Derek Gaylord said he feels it is a “passionate matter on multiple sides” and that the city needs to do its due diligence to get the issue right.
“With regards to the mediator, what type of background are we looking at?” Gaylord asked McPherson.
Gaylord also asked if both the brick and mortar restaurateurs and the food truck owners would have equal representation.
McPherson agreed that it was important to address both those issues with the mediator they find.
Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer agreed the issue needs thorough vetting.
Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom asked how many people would be on the committee and who would fill the positions.
McPherson said he was thinking seven to nine people would sit on the committee.
Sansom also asked how much additional information had been collected on the issue. She was told that ordinances from other cities had been collected for study, and that more sentiment had been gathered from restaurant owners on the matter.
The moratorium was approved unanimously 4-0.