Boyne City Commission meeting highlights

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The Boyne City Commission convened for its regular bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday Jan. 28, during which it dealt with several issues of public interest.
Following are the highlights from last week’s meeting.

Sister cities project

Boyne City Main Street Program Manager Hugh Conklin gave the city commission an update on the effort to participate in a sister city relationship with a community in Ireland.

“In particular there has been interest in developing a relationship with Drogheda, Ireland, a city famous for the Boyne River,” Conklin stated.

A frequent visitor to Boyne City—who also happens to be a native of Drogheda—is working with Boyne City to learn how they can become a sister city.

“Our first step was to join the Sister Cities International organization,” Conklin stated. “Through this $150 membership a variety of resources are available and we are learning what steps are necessary to partner with a community.”

Conklin is also working with a volunteer to draft an introductory letter to Drogheda.

Conklin plans to present the Boyne City Commission with its full proposal on the matter at the Feb. 11 commission meeting.

See the draft letter from Boyne City to Ireland at the bottom of this page.

Boyne City Manager’s report

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave the commission a report on activities of interest concerning Boyne City.

Winter storms

“The bad weather and snow have intensified to the point where this winter is being compared to the winter of 1978 as one of the heaviest in over 35 years,” Cain said. “Even some of last weekend’s Winterfest activities were chilled out by the weather.”

Cain said roads are being kept clear after storms and snow is hauled away between storms. Also, sidewalk clearing becomes secondary during periods of heavy snow as roads become the priority.

Residents and businesses are asked to help clear snow away from fire hydrants near them to assist the city in ensuring firefighters can get to them in the event of a fire emergency.

The city will likely exceed its allotted snow removal budget for the year. It may have to dip into its general fund balance if need be.

Cain said the city asks the public to remain vigilant on winter roads to help avoid accidents.

Boyne City

Facilities proposals

“On Friday the 17th (Jan.) we received seven proposals for our city facilities architectural study,” Cain said. “Those have been distributed to all the department heads. We will be meeting next week to choose the first interview with a goal of bringing them back to the commission … during the next meeting, which is Feb. 11.”

Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom asked Cain who will choose which applicants become finalists for the project.

Cain said he will offer the list to the city commission and recommend the firm he and city department heads feel is best. This is how recommendations are normally made to the city.

Police officer candidates

Background checks are in the process of being completed on lead police officer candidates to fill a vacancy at the Boyne City Police Department.

Planning department report

Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson updated the city commission on the Boyne City Planning Commission’s state required annual planning report.

Highlights of the report included:

The Boyne Irrigation Company requested, and was approved, to allow for the change of a nonconforming use at 664 State St., also known as the Chipman Building.

The existing building and parcel were used for Chipman Plumbing & Heating and then Boyne Valley Printing. The property is located in the Traditional Residential District and previous businesses were grandfathered as pre-existing nonconforming uses. Boyne Irrigation plans to use the existing buildings and property for office and warehouse space.

Classic Instruments received approval for its plan to utilize Points North Printing, which adds 3,600 square feet of space and includes a 22-space parking area.

Charlevoix County Transit’s plan to construct a 1,848 square foot addition to their existing building. The addition will include office space and parking spaces will be increased in number from 22 to 25.

Glen’s Plaza is adding a drive-through window for its pharmacy and adding a new walk-in cooler among other improvements.

Lexamar Corporation received approval to construct a 36-foot by 50-foot addition to the north side of its existing building.

Boyne City McDonald’s restaurant is expected to construct two side-by-side ordering lines that merge into one lane at the pick-up window.

Harborage Condominium Association has had preliminary plans reviewed and discussed by the planning commission for its potential construction of a new building located on association property near the corner of Division and Second streets.

The city’s master plan is due to be reviewed and updated. The process began in 2013 and will continue when the public is invited to give input on the plan so a community-wide vision may be developed.

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