Boyne City awards two bids on phase I of marina renovation

marina web pic

Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

A contractor has been chosen to undertake phase one of Boyne City’s marina renovation project.

Several firms bid on the plan to upgrade F. Grant Moore Municipal Marina by replacing shopper docks and renovating the piers built in the 1950s, known as “fixed fingers,” to accommodate boaters in light of decreasing lake levels.

“Because they are fixed, and the water levels have gone down so much, it’s made them unusable for some of the boaters,” said Boyne City Harbormaster Barb Brooks during the Boyne City Commission’s Tuesday Feb. 11 regular meeting. “A lot of people prefer not to be on those docks.”
The plan is to lower the fixed finger piers and make them adjustable in the event of future water level changes.

When discussion began on phase one of the marina project—in 2011—it was estimated to cost $210,500 with the Michigan Waterways Commission funding $105,250 of the expenses less $3,100 in grant management fees.

“Unfortunately, the bids came in higher than had been anticipated or estimated back in 2011,” Brooks said… “I believe the project still needs to be done. So, with the engineer’s assistance we went to the two low bidders.”
According to Brooks, the project has been split into two contract areas so the contractors could bid on jobs in which they specialized.

The only bid received to do work on the shopper docks was from Flotation Docking Company.

There were three bids for the fixed pier work.

“We went ahead and negotiated with the two low bidders … to see what we could do to bring that cost down so we could stay within that estimated budget that we had set,” Brooks said.

The plan for the shopper docks has changed somewhat, with the city planning to reuse a section of the dock. There was nothing the city could do to lower the cost on the fixed piers other than to have work done on three of the five fixed fingers.

The city has worked with Flotation Docking for years. The company has built most of the city’s docking systems.

Brooks recommended the Boyne City Commission hire RB Lyons Inc. to renovated the fixed piers at a cost of $107,387, and Flotation Docking Systems Inc. at a cost of $97,918.72.

In her Feb. 7 memo to Boyne City Manager Michael Cain, Brooks said she and the project engineer working on this plan concluded that rebidding the project could result in even higher project costs and that the deadline to utilize the grant moneys earmarked for this proposal was nearing.

“I believe our marina is an economic booster for our city,” said Boyne City Commissioner Delbert “Gene” Towne. “I think we need to move forward with this project.”

Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer said the project would be a continuation of the overall renovation of the marina to make it safer and more usable.

Boyne City Commissioner Derek Gaylord asked for a reiteration of the cost and project changes.

Brooks added in her explanation that the fixed docks, which will become adjustable, will be lowered by nearly two feet. But, she added, they will not necessarily need to be adjusted every year.

“We definitely need to take care of what we already own … there is no doubt,” Gaylord said. “There is safety, appearance—we don’t want anything going into disrepair, which will further cause additional expense down the road.”

Boyne City Commissioner Laura Sansom and Boyne City Mayor Ron Grunch also both supported the measure.

The contracts were awarded by a unanimous vote of the Boyne City Commission.
The total cost of phase one of the project is expected to be $205, 305.72.