Beaches, trails, housing, arts among top goals

master plan webBeth Gohs

Staff Writer

The Boyne City Planning Commission held a public input meeting on Thursday Oct. 23 as part of the process of updating the city’s master plan.

Mary Campbell of MC Planning and Design, who was hired to help lead Boyne City through the master plan update process, presided over Thursday’s meeting, which drew a crowd of nearly 20 citizens and city officials like Boyne City Mayor Ron Grunch and Boyne City Manager Michael Cain.

“Boyne City is required to review the master plan every five years and update as needed,” Campbell said. “The idea of putting together statements for what we envision for Boyne City … I thought, lets try to capture those and share those (ideas.)”

There were tables set up in the auditorium at the city hall where copies of current goals of the city lay. Each table had a different overall topic which encompassed multiple goals. Attendees were asked to record any extra goals they would like to see in the updated master plan.

Some goals proposed by attendees of the meeting included:

• Update the city hall and facilities

• Continue to care for the storm water systems

• Improve beaches and the marina

• Continue with Trail Town development

• Continue with Tree City USA

• Protect the lake

• Continue developing branding for Boyne City

• Develop the river walk

• Introduce more businesses and restaurants

• Encourage new events and activities

• Create warm welcoming environment for new citizens

• Create flexible housing options

• Support the arts

After groups had a chance to include input for the master plan, Campbell asked what participants thought “Boyne is” or what Boyne City represents currently.

According to Campbell, such an activity will help the planners see what goals they aren’t striving for but should be.

Public input of what Boyne is to them included:

Boyne Is …

A trail town

Boater and Marina friendly

That it successfully hides its industrial park

Boyne is growing

Campbell also asked what demographics are not being reached in order to encompass them in the input of the master plan. The collective public agreed that youth is hard to reach, as too are seasonal visitors, business owners and young parents.

The Planning commission will take the input from the public session and review the proposed goals at a future meeting.

As a group, the commission will then decide which items are vital to include in the updated version of Boyne City’s Master Plan.