Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

All four millages up for renewal in the Tuesday May 6 election passed.

Turnout was customarily low for this type of spring election, with 8.1 percent of the voters getting to the polls.

• The Beaver Island Community School operating millage renewal was approved 136 to 55 with 71.2 percent approval.

This renewal will allow the school district to continue levying 15.7908 mills on property other than principal residences and any other exempt property.

This millage—which will be levied over 2014 and 2015—is expected to raise $1,440,902 in revenue.

• The renewal of the Ellsworth Community School Building and Site Sinking Fund tax levy was approved by voters in a 3-1 vote. Four people showed up to vote for this millage renewal which—at 1.5 mills—is expected to generate $126,236 annually from 2014 to 2018.

The funds will be used for repair and construction of school facilities.

• The Vanderbilt Area Schools operating millage renewal was approved by voters with a vote of 4-2. That means 66.67 percent of the six people who voted supported this renewal of an 18-mills tax levy.

This 10-year millage—2014 to 2023—is expected to generate nearly $950,000 in 2014.

• By far, the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District Area Vocational-Technical Education millage renewal garnered the most votes cast on the May 6 ballot.

Nearly 71 percent of the 1,828 votes cast were in favor of this .75 mill renewal.

The final vote was 1,296 to 532.

This four-year millage—levied from 2014 to 2017—is expected to generate $3,763,440 in 2014.