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Chris Faulknor
Chris Faulknor, Publisher
Publisher Chris Faulknor reveres some of his TV heroes in this week's "My Two Cents"

By: Chris Faulknor, Publisher
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I haven’t had cable in almost two years, but with the addition of a nameless internet-based service to the list of utilities, my eyes have been opened to the world again.

Watching TV has always been an adventure with me, because I don’t channel surf.

I pick one show, I watch it obsessively, then I move on to another show when that show ends (or I tire of it.)

This means that anyone who knows me has either watched or heard quotes from Star Trek: Voyager for a couple of weeks as I assimilated seasons 1-7 (bonus points if you know why I chose the word “assimilated”.)

They have followed the twisting plots of scientist-turned-investigator Temperance Brennan on Bones, an exciting crime drama.

Most recently, those closest to me have had to endure The West Wing with me.

We have followed the trials and tribulations of President Josiah Bartlet and his senior staff for eight years in the White House.

My point though, is that through all of this viewing pleasure, I have discovered about a hundred people I want to be like in about a hundred different ways.

I would take Dr. Brennan’s flawless intelligence (without the social flaws, of course.)

I would kill for Sam Seaborn’s writing abilities, even tearing up as President Bartlet read, “the streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight.”

I wouldn’t mind Captain Janeway’s decisiveness, Tuvok’s logic, or even Tom Paris’ fun-loving nature.

It got me thinking about examples and how important they are.

It made me remember why we all strive to live our lives in ways that are consistent with what we believe.

We do this because the world changes with every minute that we embody the traits we admire in others.

Those watching take the best of who we are and make it a part of themselves.

But rest assured, it isn’t just the positive people take.

So I ask you, my friends, what traits people might see in you as they watch.

Will you pass on your kindness?

Perhaps your compassion for animals is what you spread.

It could even be the stiff upper lip you maintain in the face of hardship.

Or will others take on your arrogance?

Will the way you angrily stride down the hallway to get things done be mistaken for something good and assimilated into someone’s psyche?

Personally, I try to pass on my patience.

I work to convey my empathy to others.

I hope that somewhere between the man on Duck Dynasty and Larry the Cable Guy, someone will remember me for making the world a better place.

Steve Jobs said something I won’t soon forget, “I don’t want to be the richest man in the cemetery. I just want to lay my head down knowing that I’ve done something great.”

Here’s to those who can be that example for others, and heres to those souls throughout Charlevoix County who strive to make the world better for those who come next.

Chris Faulknor, the Publisher of The Boyne City Gazette, was born and raised in Boyne City. His award-winning column, “My Two Cents” appears in The Boyne City Gazette each week.

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