New yoga studio expects to open Sept 9 in Boyne City

Boyne City will be adding a yoga studio to its list of wellness businesses.

balancedliving (1)Boyne City will be adding a yoga studio to its list of wellness businesses.

Leslie Nielson and Paul Nichols, owners of Inspired Living, will be opening balanced living on Sept.

“Yoga is a practice that connects mind, body, and spirit in a very individual way,” said Suzi Blanckaert, who is one of the instructors at balanced living [sic].

There will be five instructors teaching yoga classes at balanced living, with classes being aimed at all ages.

“I see this as becoming a real tool for the community,” said Nielson.

“Boyne City is a wellness community and people are becoming more health conscious.”
She added, “With The Grain Train coming into town this will be a good fit.”

The balanced living yoga studio is to be located at 101 River St. (in front of Huntington Bank), and can be reached at (231) 675-1413.

Class session prices will be $50 for 5 classes, $80 for 10 classes, and walk-ins will be $12.

Unlimited yoga for 30 days will be $65, with a student discount rate of $30 with proof of enrollment.

“Yoga is just one of those things that benefits everyone,” said Sally Harras, who is another instructor at balanced living “I don’t know of anyone that can’t do it, even if you have a poor sense of balance you can focus on breathing or do it in a chair.”

Passes for balanced living should be purchased at inspired living, located at 119 Water St.

Mats and equipment will also be available at no charge for those who need them.

For class schedules and more information, visit balanced living at