Let the dredging begin in Boyne City

By Benjamin Gohs

News Editor

boyne city dredgingRyba Marine Construction Co. was awarded the Boyne City F. Grant Moore Municipal Marina dredging job at a cost of $159,965 on Tuesday Oct. 8.

Ryba, which came in as the low bid—the highest amount of the four bids was R.B. Lyons at $191,590—moved its equipment into the marina last week.

“With our permit that we received from the DEQ (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) our window of opportunity for dredging is from the time the permit is approved to Nov. 1, and then there is a no-dredge from Nov. 1 until ice thaw which could be March, April or as late as May and then there is no dredging after May 15 through July 15, so the opportunity of dredging both this fall in the spring is pretty small,” said Boyne City Harbormaster Barb Brooks. “And, speaking with Ryba, they are ready to go. They have their equipment up in, I believe, St. Ignace right now, and they’re looking at the weather, thinking if the weather’s good over the next few days, hoping that all these approvals go through, that they’ll start floating their equipment down this way and they would be ready to go as soon as the contract is awarded.”

Brooks said she has talked with the DEQ about possibly relaxing the Nov. 1 cutoff.

The dredging job will involve moving 3,000 cubic yards of material.

The engineer’s estimate for the job was a cost of $174,637.

The Boyne City Commission unanimously approved the bid award to Ryba.