Charlevoix County to secede from Michigan?

Find out what locals around Boyne City think and learn more about this growing issue

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Donna Gundle-Krieg is the Political Buzz Writer for, where this article was originally published. As Charlevoix County is one of more than two dozen counties that would be effected if such a drastic change in territories were to occur, this story has been reprinted—with full permission of its author—in the Boyne City Gazette.

Northern Michigan and Wisconsin could secede from their respective states to form a new state called “Superior” if leaders of the Free State Superior project have their way.


“We don’t matter much to Lansing, since we don’t live in the lower third of Michigan,” Chad Stevens, President of the Northern Michigan Liberty Alliance, told a crowd in Kinross, Michigan last weekend.

“Government officials from ‘up north’ have many great ideas, but they are ignored in Lansing.”

Stevens cited a study which showed that for every $1.06 the Upper Peninsula residents send to Lansing, they only receive 96 cents in benefits.

If the free-state idea seems far-fetched, consider this: in the 1970s, the Superior Project almost made it out of the Michigan State House.

Free State Superior: Michigan state government too powerful, expensive

In addition to being ignored by Lansing, the leaders of the Free State Superior project feel that the people in northern Michigan and Wisconsin are more liberty-minded than leaders in Lansing.

“Michigan state government has grown out of control, especially under the latest crop of legislators,” according to Stevens. “Unfunded mandates have gotten out of control as well.”

He explained that by forming a new state, residents could take a 10 percent tax cut while keeping the same level of government. However, the goal would be to have less government, and possibly cut taxes by one-third.

“Most other states in the United States live with less government,” he said. “In fact, states like Alaska give residents money from energy companies working in their states. Why isn’t Michigan doing that for us?”

When will the Free State Superior be proposed to Congress?

Stevens told the crowd that it would take at least a year to get a plan in place for the new government.

This time means that even if it is happens Superior may not be the 51st state. After all, many other free state projects are currently in the works in states such as California, Missouri, Oklahoma, New York and Colorado.

However, Stevens feels that it’s necessary to take the time to do things right.

“We need to get control of our state government,” Stevens concluded. “Until then, we can’t even think about our out-of-control federal government.”

For more information, see The Free State Superior project’s Facebook page.