Boyne City OK’d for $583k infrastructure grant

grantBoyne City officials were notified on Monday Nov. 18 that their Part I application for the 2013 DIG grant through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has been recommended for approval of a $583,519 Downtown Infrastructure Community Development Block Grant pending execution of a grant agreement.

The total project cost is estimated at $833,600 and consists of water and sewer improvements, storm water installation, street reconstruction—including curb and gutter—sidewalk improvements, the burial of overhead utility lines and streetscape elements (such as decorative lighting). The project area will include Ray St. (between S. Lake and S. East Streets), one block of S. East Street (between Ray and E. Main Streets) and one block of alley running parallel between Water and Ray Streets (between S. Park and S. Lake Streets) and is slated for construction in 2014.

The goal of the project is to provide area-wide benefit by improving public health, welfare, safety and stimulate the economy by improving the core downtown.

The completed project will ensure dependable water service, proper treatment of sanitary sewer and storm water to protect our waterways, improve pedestrian access and safety with sidewalks, lighting and defined crosswalks and to continue to beautify and strengthen our downtown.

The purpose for obtaining grant funds significantly reduces the cost of the project; therefore there will not be any special assessments or burden to resident taxpayers to take on this over three quarters of a million dollar improvement project.

The City will begin gathering public input and provide project details in future meetings.