Boyne City Manager’s Report, Oct. 22

By Benjamin J. Gohs

News Editor

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave the Boyne City Commission his bi-monthly report during the commission’s regular Tuesday Oct. 22 meeting.

Among the topics covered were a recent fire training exercise,


Training fire

“The training house burn by the southeast corner of Pleasant and Trent went well by all accounts,” Cain said. “I happened to go out and visit while the firefighters were out there from ours and a variety of departments. From my opinion the site looks better already.”

The hole left from the fire is expected to soon be filled.


Dog park

“Despite the generally supportive comments about the creation of a dog park on social media sites since this was discussed at our last city commission meeting the acting informal subcommittee on this topic felt it was better to bring more detailed plans back to the city commission for your review and consideration,” Cain said.

Applications to join the dog park subcommittee were to be accepted until noon on Monday Oct. 28.

“This subcommittee would recommend to the parks and recreation board which would recommend to the city commission which would decide what, if anything, they want to do on this issue,” Cain said.

Cain said the matter will be brought back before the city commission either late this year or early next year.


Downtown drinking fountains

Internal plumbing on downtown drinking fountains is to be replaced over this winter so they will be operational next summer.


City facilities project

“Last week I met with representatives of the clean energy coalition out of Ann Arbor to determine if they can assist us in the city facilities project by projecting potential cost savings due to energy efficiency improvements … and if potential grants are applicable,” Cain said.

Cain said that, even if there are no grants available, he sees the potentially significant savings as significant sources of revenue that would assist with the project.


Tannery Park improvements

“Last week I provided a letter of support to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed (Council) with regards to a grant application for about $80,000 which, if successful, would be used to make stormwater system improvements at Tannery Park (located at 862 Front St. in Boyne City).”

The park is a low spot from a number of areas and receives overflow and runoff that is not adequately being drained.


Marina projects

“Our marina and dredging project is moving forward well,” Cain said. “The contractor still expects to have all the dredging complete and be out of the water by their original Nov. 1 deadline.”

The dredging company has received permission from the MDEQ to dredge up to Dec. 1 if needed.

The flotation dock company was expected to begin repairs on the marina finger piers last week. The project was expected to take only a few days.

Soil borings have begun on the marina improvement project that includes the marina shoppers docks and fixed docks replacement.

“It is anticipated that the project will go out for bids in December,” Cain said.

The material being dredged is broken into two types: contaminated and non-contaminated.

The contaminated material is kept on the dredging equipment until it is disposed of. The non-contaminated material is being stored on city property until it dries and can be hauled to the wastewater treatment plant where it will be used to fill a hole that was created when that site was developed.


New firetruck

“Bid documents are are being finalized for the new firetruck that we … budgeted for in the budget this year and we anticipate that those will be available and out this week,” Cain said. “The bids are due back on Nov. 21.”


Glen’s Markets expansion

“At last night’s planning commission meeting plans were approved to do remodeling and minor expansion of Glen’s, which will include a drive-thru for their pharmacy,” Cain said. “That will be in the north end of the building in the old Bay Winds Credit Union site.”


 LexaMar expansion

LexaMar will create screening for their outdoor storage areas.


Food trucks

“For the last few months we have been hearing more and more about food trucks in the area and we’re getting more inquiries ourselves about people bringing them to Boyne City,” Cain said. “While they have been present in our town as part of some festivals and events for some time we are now getting inquiries from people looking to set up these businesses pretty much, more or less, stand-alone occurrences.”

Cain said the city is researching the topic and will present the city commission with its findings in December.


Boyne Thunder 2013 earnings

Presented by Boyne City Main Street Manager Hugh Conklin

The Boyne Thunder charity fundraiser saw 82 boats participating in this year’s event.

The event grossed $189,255, of which the profits are divided among three entities.

Camp Quality will receive $42,046

Challenge Mountain will receive $7,644

Boyne City Main Street will receive $26,756

“We were … certainly at capacity,” Conklin said. “The event is shaping up to be great again next year.”

He added, “This has proven not only to be a great economic engine for the downtown and for the community but it has also served some great nonprofits in the area.”