Boyne City Manager’s Report for Nov. 12

By Benjamin Gohs
News Editor

Michael Cain, Boyne City Manager
Michael Cain, Boyne City Manager

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave his regular bi-monthly report to the Boyne City Commission during its Tuesday Nov. 12 meeting.

Doing their bidding

On Monday Oct. 28, Boyne City Clerk Cindy Grice and Cain attended a program in Boyne Valley Township on bid processes for items the city may need.

“We also learned that we can post items that we are seeking bids on on the state’s web site at no cost,” Cain said. “They have a lot of service providers and a variety of things … so I believe it was time well spent and is already saving us money.”

Floating docks and dredging done

The Flotation Dock company has completed all the repairs to Boyne City’s Municipal Marina floating docks.

The dredging company has also completed all the dredging it had planned to do in the marina and is in the process of removing the material it deposited around town, and will be cleaning those areas up into the spring.

Division street storm drain

Some residents along Division Street, west of the Parkview Apartments, are working to tie their stormwater from their backyards into the city’s stormwater system. The DEQ has reviewed the project and found no issues with it.

Leaf pick-up done

Leaf pick-up by the city is done but residents may still drop off their leaves at the North Boyne yard.

Dog park committee

“We had 15 people volunteer in response to the proposed dog park project,” Cain said.

This advisory committee will investigate the proposal to institute a dog park—possibly at Avalanche Park. The committee was expected to hold its first meeting last week and should give the Boyne City Commission its first report within a few weeks.

Police vacancy

The city has advertised for a position on the Boyne City Police Department and has received numerous applications. The deadline to apply for this position was Friday Nov. 15.

Boyne City Police Officer Blake Scheller resigned for “personal reasons.”

“There’s no issues that’s outstanding whatsoever,” Cain said. “The chief shared with me his (Sheller’s) resignation letter.”
He added, “There’s no hazing in the patrol room or anything like that … it was all very positive. We had a real nice talk with Blake, probably about 45 minutes to an hour, the chief and I spent with him talking about lots of things and I think he’s just looking for a change in his life and it looks like he is not going to be continuing in policing. It’s just that he wants to move in a different direction.”

The Boyne City Gazette will release an update on the new officer as soon as one is hired.

Lamprey removal

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sent Boyne City Manager Michael Cain a thank-you letter in response to the city’s cooperation with the department’s lamprey removal efforts earlier this fall in the Boyne River.

“They said the process went very well and they removed tens of thousands of lampreys,” Cain said…. “They do this on a regular basis and they expect to come back in about three to five years.”

Social media

Beginning Monday Nov. 18, Boyne City signed up for both a Facebook and Twitter account.

“This will be a low-cost effort using existing city personnel to better connect to our citizens through social media networks that so many of them are now using,” Cain said.

Rink no more

“The sponsors of the Sunset Park ice rink have decided to move in a different direction this winter, so the ice rink will not be returning to Sunset Park this year,” Cain said. “And, if all goes well, the ice pole will be restored and will be ready to go back into operation shortly.”

The ice pole is on the site and now the city must wait until the weather remains at freezing or below in order to begin building up the ice flow residents have come to know over the years.

Veterans Park Pavilion

The planning process for this proposed project, that would include remodeling the Veterans Park Pavilion into a year-round kitchen and farmers market facility, is scheduled for Dec. 12 and Dec. 13.

A report from the meeting will be presented to the community on Dec. 17.

Further details will be released as the dates draw nearer.

City-wide goal-setting; joint session

Though not part of the city manager’s report, the Boyne City Commission did set dates for the city’s bi-annual city-wide goal-setting meeting during its Tuesday Nov. 12 meeting.

The goal-setting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday Jan. 9, 2014 at St. Matthew Church.

The joint session was scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday Feb. 13, 2014 in the Boyne City Hall auditorium.