We the People

Chris Faulknor
Chris Faulknor, Publisher
Publisher Chris Faulknor addresses unalienable rights in his weekly column

By: Christopher Faulknor, Publisher
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We the People.

This phrase begins the preamble to the Constitution of the United States. These three words have been spoken, sung, and shouted over hundreds of years. They are the beginning of something great that guarantees us our rights. It also fulfills a very important purpose – it explains why.

Why did we leave the security of the British Empire to live with next to nothing? Why is it so vital that I be free to stand on the steps of Cafe Sante and scream out my favorite recipes for the chocolate chip cookie? Why should the government be accountable to its constituents – those who were, until then, lower on the totem pole?

It’s simple – because it’s right. We are granted certain unalienable rights – right that simply should not be taken away.

People will try. Some do it with phrases like, “Mind if I take a look inside your vehicle, sir?” Sometimes, it begins, “Will the defendant please rise.” Time and time again, our rights will be questioned. Everything from an unreasonable search to a FOIA denial is important, because exercizing these rights is the only way they will be respected.

That’s why I’m taking action. My little contribution to millions keeping their rights will begin with a keyboard. This next week, you will see my weekly heartcry of “We the people.” You will learn exactly what your rights are.

I will be learning with you, and with painstaking research, I will share with you what keeps us free.

Join me next week as we begin a journey together. We will together renew, review, and even reclaim our freedom.

We happy few – we the people.

Chris Faulknor, the Publisher of The Boyne City Gazette, was born and raised in Boyne City. His column, “My Two Cents” appears in The Boyne City Gazette each week.

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