Telgenhof dominates Jarema over 2-1

2012 primary election brings upsets and close calls

By: Benjamin J. Gohs, News Editor
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The biggest upset of Tuesday night’s primary election was the victory of Republican Challenger Allen Telgenhof over incumbent rival John Jarema by a vote of 3,280 to 1,538—a percentage of 67.98 to 31.88.

Not only did Telgenhof win by sheer votes, but he won ever single precinct in the county.

The voters made their decision known after a hard-fought campaign that, at times, verged on the personal as both men fought accusations of wrongdoing.

Jarema was plagued by a lawsuit with a media outlet over Freedom of Information Act requests; and, later, claims by an employee of a difficult work environment which she claimed bordered on hostile.

Telgenhof wasn’t without his own hurdles as he faced down a 2011 incident of alleged domestic disturbance between he and his wife.

Contact was attempted with both Jarema and Telgenhof after the polls closed, but neither returned phone calls by press time.

Be sure to check back as this story will be updated once statements from both men can be garnered.


Charlevoix County Commissioner race

District #1
Incumbent Charlevoix County Commissioner Shirlene Tripp was ousted by newcomer George T. Lasater, a retired Charlevoix County Sheriff.

Lasater took 521 votes in total for a winning percentage of 52.89. Tripp took a total of 463 votes.

Lasater received 195 votes in Bay Township while Tripp took 112 votes.

In Evangeline Township, Lasater took 4 votes and Tripp received 0.

In Hayes Township, Tripp beat Lasater 303 to 213.

In Mealrose Township, Lasater won 109 votes,with Tripp taking only 48.


District #2
Charlevoix County Commissioner Chris Christensen, who ran unopposed, received 347 votes in Boyne City; there were nine write-in votes for unspecified candidate(s).

His total votes for his district were 432 for a percentage of 97.3.


District #3
Charlevoix County Commissioner Ron Reinhardt beat newcomer Rick Matelski by a vote of 269 to 193 for 57.6 percent of the vote.

Reinhardt took 103 votes in Boyne Valley Township with his opponent Matelski receiving 76 votes.

Reinhardt took 18 votes in Chandler Township, with Matelski garnering 14 votes.

In Hudson Township, Reinhardt received 31 votes to Matelski’s 27.

In Wilson Township, Reinhardt won 117 votes, with Matelski taking 76.


District #4
Charlevoix County Commissioner Joel Evans, the Republican incumbent, won with a vote of 250-160. He bested his opponent in East Jordan with 133-83 over challenger David Hague.

In South Arm Township, Evans took 117 votes to Hague’s 77.


District #5
Incumbent Charlevoix County Commissioner Richard Gillespie retained his seat with a vote of 627-362.

He lost Eveline Township to challenger and former commissioner Denny Jason by a vote of 182-147.

But, in Marion Township, Gillespie won 156 votes to Jason’s 99.

In Norwood Township, Gillespie won 90 votes to Jason’s 56.

In Peaine Township, on Beaver Island, Gillespie won 92 votes to Jason’s 6.

Gillespie easily took St. James Township, also on Beaver Island, with a vote of 142-19.

Gillespie garnered an overall 63.33 percent of the vote.


District #6
Newcomer Larry Sullivan, currently the Charlevoix County Planning Director, won District 6 with 359 votes or 32.17 percent.

District 6 saw the most candidates with four people running for the coveted seat. As this seat saw recent redistricting, there was no incumbent running for the seat.

In Charlevoix City’s Ward 1, John Earl Haggard received 53 votes while Dennis Halverson garnered 43, Shirley Roloff took 60 and Larry Sullivan won 96.

In Charlevoix City’s Ward 2, Haggard took 21, Halverson won 28, Roloff took 47 and Sullivan got the highest number with 77 votes.

In Charlevoix City’s Ward 3, Haggard won 28 votes, Halverson took 54, Roloff had 72 and Sullivan garnered 59.

In Charlevoix Township, Haggard won 127 votes, Halverson took 136, Roloff had 86 and Sullivan garnered 127.

Haggard’s total votes were 229; Halverson’s total was 261 and Roloff’s total was 265.


The proposed new millage to fund county parks and recreation failed with a vote of 2,942 to 2,433.

The County recycling millage proposal passed with a vote of 3,665-1,766.

The county senior millage was approved by voters 3,155 to 2,257 or by 58.3 percent of the vote.

The county’s SEP Tax proposal passed 2,842-2,263.

The county transit proposal passed by 63.57 percent of the vote with a vote of 3,061-1,756.


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